New Quantum Flex Trimmers Come with Dual Bearing Surfaces

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Bettcher’s Quantum Flex Trimmers come with special patented design that enables distribution of operating loads over more surfaces. Trimmer's housing construction offers cam action for holding the housing open for quick blade access. Cam action eliminates the issues related to overly loose or tight housing that causes to wear of blades, pinions or housing.

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Bettcher Industries Introduces Quantum Flex® Trimmers

New Quantum Flex trimmers deliver numerous cost-saving design and performance benefits over all other handheld trimmer systems in the market.


Bettcher Industries, Inc. announces the introduction of Quantum Flex® trimmers, delivering more flexibility, power and durability than ever before available in handheld powered meat trimmers.

The new Quantum Flex product line represents the latest offering from Bettcher, the pioneer and leader in trimming equipment. Among these trimmers’ many benefits are their lighter weight and faster blade speed for improved cutting efficiency. Blade changes are faster than ever, tool reconfiguration is available on many models, and all trimmers will attach to any Bettcher motor.

“With manpower shortages being such a significant issue in the meat industry today, processors need more help than ever to capture every extra ounce of yield while relying on fewer workers to make it happen,” explains Patrick Grabovac, Bettcher’s product marketing manager. “Our new Quantum Flex trimmers provide help in a big way because faster blade speeds translate into improved yields, which helps make the productivity of line operators better than ever.” he notes.

Enhanced Blade/Housing Interface

Quantum Flex trimmers deliver a smoother tool operation with less vibration, thanks to a newly designed blade/housing interface. Bettcher’s special patented design enables the tool operating loads to be distributed over more surfaces, even as it lowers the loads applied by the pinion onto the blade and housing-bearing surfaces. The dual bearing surfaces are highly durable, even when operating at higher speeds.

Quick-Change Blades

With Quantum Flex trimmers, changing blades has never been faster or easier. Bettcher’s unique housing construction provides “cam action” to hold the housing open for quick blade access. It’s a notable new design that expands and contracts the trimmer housing with a simple “twist” and ensures just the right blade fit. The cam action eliminates the challenges associated with an overly loose or tight housing that can lead to improper wear of blades, pinions, or the housing itself.

Trimmer Reconfiguration: A Major New Benefit

On the new Quantum Flex Model 620 and other small trimmer models, common frame components now make it a snap to reconfigure tools. The only differences are in the blade, blade housing and cover. By adding or subtracting a depth gauge, any small- model trimmer can be converted to another model size involving a maximum of just four components. This is a significant design advancement over other trimmer handpieces that also reduces inventory requirements.

Adaptable to Any Motor

Another significant benefit of new Quantum Flex trimmers is that they are completely compatible with all three Bettcher motors – UN-84, Series II UltraDrive® and Whizard Quantum®. Plants can add Quantum Flex trimmers to their lineup without having to invest in new motors.

Quantum Flex trimmers are available in a wide selection of small, medium and large sizes to handle the full range of high-yield trimming applications. To learn more about the powerful benefits and cost savings these trimmers deliver, visit or call 800-321-8763. You may also e-mail your request to

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