New PUMA SMX5100L Turn-Mill Center Comes with FANUC 5-Axis Machining Software

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  • Roller gear cam mechanism drives the B-axis and is backlash-free and highly rigid, outputting B-axis torque of 2700 Nm (1,991 ft-lb)
  • B-axis milling head features Capto C8, powered by a 49.6 horsepower motor that rotates at 10,000 r/min
  • Provides maximum turning diameter of 32.7 in., maximum turn length of 120.1 in. and chuck sizes of 15 in., 18 in. and 21 in.” for the standard main turning spindle

Original Press Release:

Doosan Machine Tools America Releases the PUMA SMX 5100L

Pine Brook, NJ – September 2, 2020 – Doosan Machine Tools presents the PUMA SMX5100L, the latest addition to the company’s twin-spindle, multi-tasking turn-mill centers. The PUMA SMX Series is specifically designed to complete complex parts in a single setup, and this new model joins the PUMA SMX2600ST (10” chuck) and PUMA SMX3100ST (12” chuck) models in the lineup.

The PUMA SMX5100L is the largest machine in the series, with a maximum turning diameter of 32.7” and maximum turn length of 120.1”. Chuck sizes of 15”, 18” and 21” are available for the standard main turning spindle, which features a 49.6 horsepower built-in motor that spins at 2,400 r/min. Also available is an optional gear box spindle that rotates at 1,500 r/min and outputs an impressive 4,198 Nm (3,096 ft-lb) of torque for heavy duty applications.

The B-axis milling head features a Capto C8, powered by a 49.6 horsepower motor that rotates at 10,000 r/min. The roller gear cam mechanism that drives the B-axis is backlash-free and highly rigid, outputting B-axis torque of 2700 Nm (1,991 ft-lb).

 “With its built-in size and strength, the PUMA SMX5100L is ideal for aerospace applications such as landing gear components as well as housings for large shafts like those found in the agriculture or oil field industries,” said Jim Shiner, Director of Sales and Marketing at Doosan Machine Tools America.

All PUMA SMX models have highly rigid machine construction. Minimized thermal deformation is achieved via strategically placed sensors throughout the machine, which offer real time measurement and adjustment of the axes. For added stability and speed, the Z-axis, in which the carriage moves, is supported by three rows of cross roller linear guideways.

Along with the largest machining space among the same-class machines, the PUMA SMX line comes standard with ergonomic features that enhance operator convenience and efficient maintenance. FANUC 5-axis machining software, which offer 600 blocks of look ahead and optimized servo acceleration/deceleration, are now built into the SMX Series control.

To see the PUMA SMX5100L twin-spindle, multi-tasking turn-mill center and other innovative products from Doosan Machine Tools, visit them online at

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