New Proximity Sensor System Offers Transmission Range of 70 feet, or 22 meters

Press Release Summary:

  • Features 5 micro amps (uA) with no target motion, and only 200 micro amps (uA) at a target sense rate of 1 per minute
  • Uses two Energizer L91 ultimate lithium (AA) batteries
  • Comes with electrical charge capacity of 3.3 Am per hour


Original Press Release:

A Practical Battery Powered RF (Wireless) Inductive Proximity Sensor System

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif., Feb. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Mercury United Electronics, Inc. announces the release of their complete Inductive Proximity Sensor System that allows operation of the sensor and the transmitter from just two +1.5V AA batteries with a typical transmission range around 70 feet, or 22 meters.

The typical total current draw for the combined Inductive Proximity Sensor and RF Transmitter module [MPRF-01] is 5 micro amps (uA) with no target motion, and only 200 micro amps (uA) at a target sense rate of 1 per minute. Using two Energizer L91 Ultimate Lithium (AA) batteries, which has an electrical charge capacity of about 3.3Amper hours (Ah) will provide about 16,000 hours of operating life at a 1 per minute sensing rate or about 1,600 hours of operating life at a 10 per minute sensing rate at 6 second intervals.

A short YouTube video, demonstrating the performance advantages, can be viewed at the following link:

Additional information and datasheets can be found at:

Mercury United Electronics, Inc. has manufactured quartz crystals and clock oscillators since 1973, headquartered in Taiwan, now offering the industry's lowest operating power inductive sensor for the consumer market where low voltages and currents are critical.

CONTACT: Art Trejo, National Sales Manager (T) 909-466-0427 ext.33 

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