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Vibrafinish now provides relining of vibratory and high energy equipment. Relining your current equipment will save on the expense of new equipment. Also, Compound  Metering System and Filtration Systems are available to ensure accurate compound flow and easy manageable wastewater treatment at a reasonable price.

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Vibra Finish is Now Offering Relining of Vibratory/High-Energy Equipment

Is your current equipment getting worn or even worse damaging parts? Is the purchase of a new machine more than expected?  Save yourself time and money by relining your current equipment. We now offer this service using, highly durable and wear resistant polyurethane. We offer both cold-pour and hot-pour, for whatever your need may be, to ensure your machine will operate as well as it did new. We are able to reline most models and manufacturers machines to save you money overall.

30 Gallon Filtration System

Now available is our new 30 gallon Filtration System, offering easy “Turn-Key Operation" while providing you with reclaimed clean water to reuse. This system is designed to assist in water and compound filtration, while keeping media clean and glaze-free. The filtration system is easy to use within minutes of receiving. This self-contained system is ideal for all types of mass finishing and includes all necessary components. Only requiring 110v outlet to operate, this system includes: 5 sludge bags, 50 pounds of flocculant, 2 recirculating pumps, the 30 gallon mix tank, and 35 gallon holding tank. This is everything needed for an easy turn-key operation.


Proper dilution and flow rate of compound and water is a key factor during vibratory tumbling.  Metering pumps of the past have been inconsistent and troublesome.  Our new positive displacement Metering System provides easy operation, precise metering, and reliability.  Set-up is as easy as easy 1, 2, 3; 1.Connect standard water hose to inlet, 2. Insert supply hose into desired compound, and 3. Plug into standard 110v outlet.

Available in two models:  10 gallon system with compound range of 0.5-5 oz. :1-10 gallons of water and 25 gallon system with compound range of 0.5-10 oz. : 1-25 gallons of water.

Vibra Finish Company

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