New Product Announcement The City Soft Plus(TM)

Lancaster Pump and Water Treatment has recently announced the City Soft Plus(TM), a new product introduction in their Legacy Series of softeners and filters.

The top-of-the-line City Soft Plus(TM) electronic water softener/filter is a state-of-the-art dual technology unit that softens and filters water simultaneously.

Two systems are offered to help homeowners who are supplied with low pH or chlorinated municipal (city) water. And, these units will also soften the water at the same time!

During field testing some customer testimonials included: "The City Soft Plus(TM) takes up less space, provides better tasting water, and there's no chlorine smell". Plumbers have told us: "It is easier to install and saves time, because it only has one mineral tank instead of two".

At Lancaster Pump and Water Treatment, we are pleased to offer this unique and economic multi-purpose water treatment system. The City Soft Plus(TM) is available now.

Please contact us at (717)397-3521 or email us at
for more information and a dealer near you.

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