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New Power Tools Capable of Rust Removal, Polishing, Burnishing and Sanding Wood

Press Release Summary:

  • Restorer is available with 15 different types of brushes and accessories
  • Can toggle between different sanding grains, wood texturizers, paint removal brushes, grit removal brushes, fine polishing for wood and metal and more to help you gain more control over your current project

Original Press Release:

The Next Power Tool to Get Excited About is Here

Vienna, Ohio, Aug. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Robert Kundel Jr. saw a need when he was sixteen years old working at his dad's company, Kundel Industries Inc., a trench shoring products manufacturer. As he grew into his role as the right hand man at the company, he realized that one of the largest expenses at the business included rust removal and surface prep prior to welding or painting a piece. The solution is one of the most innovative power tools currently on the market: The Restorer. Capable of rust removal, polishing, burnishing and even sanding wood, the Restorer has made a name for itself as a practical, efficient, and extremely versatile power tool.

Reinventing metal and wood surface preparation came naturally for Robert, which is why the Restorer is on its way to becoming the next must-need power tool in any handy-man's arsenal. Because a tool that can accomplish surface preparation with such ease hasn't ever graced the market before, most folks don't realize the sheer potential in the Restorer. However, Porter-Cable, Craftsman, and Black+Decker, did see that potential. These brands now offer the Restorer in major retailers all over the United States, but it's only just begun. Now, the tool is making its way across the pond to enter markets in Italy, Greece, Portugal, France and Spain.

Though Robert is always improving the Restorer's versatility, the tool currently has 15 different types of brushes and accessories. These allow the Restorer to totally change its functionality. You can toggle between different sanding grains, wood texturizers, paint removal brushes, grit removal brushes, fine polishing for wood and metal, and more to help you gain more control over your current project. With easy to remove and install brushes as well as being equipped with a vacuum, you'll be hard pressed to find a project that you can't use the Restorer on.

"Since I started my career working in the industrial sector, I had an intimate knowledge of what a workman needs. I knew just how long removing rust, or how much of a pain stripping paint could be. So, when I finally set about fixing that issue, I knew exactly what it needed to be. I knew where the handles should be to keep the work precise and easy to control. I knew what extensions you'd most commonly need," Robert Kundel Jr. explains. "Most importantly, I knew that if you could do this all in one tool there wouldn't be a reason to invest in an entire arsenal of power tools for every new project, just a new extension for your Restorer."

The Restorer is available in major retailers like Lowes, or you can access it through Robert Kundel Jr.'s company, I'm A Restorer. The innovative power tool is offered in three different beginner kits, the Original, the Reclaimed Kit, and the Craftsman Restorer Kit. Each comes with a different set of sanding sleeves, stainless steel wire wheels, paint, rust removers and more. Through I'm A Restorer, you'll be able to explore multiple new accessories that expand the versatility of the power tool like polishing and burnishing sleeves and other accessories that help with the ease of use of the power tool.

Robert Kundel Jr. is passionate about restoration on multiple levels. He's proud to provide the Restorer to improve workman's and DIY-er's lives all over the globe. In fact, you'll be able to find the Restorer in over 12 countries, and hopefully, more in the future. All of the profits from the sale of The Restorer will be used to build a one-of-a-kind pastoral retreat center in Charlotte, North Carolina. It's a community that is dedicated to helping pastors from everywhere restore their spirits and faith.

Farra Lanzer 

Source Robert Kundel Jr.

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