New Power Clamping Cylinders Provide Direct Manifold Mounting

Eliminate Exposed Fittings and Plumbing

CLEVELAND, OH - October 6, 2006 - Jergens, Inc. has announced a new series of power
clamping products. Manifold Mount Cylinders are intended to provide a clean, streamlined installation by mounting directly to a manifold. This eliminates the need for exposed fittings and plumbing. The cylinders are particularly well-suited for custom designed fixtures. Six sizes are available with maximum output forces ranging from 465 to 8835 lbs.

Also announced are new Pressure Points, designed to be used with any power source in areas with restricted space. They can be used to eliminate part distortion during machining operations or to hold large diameter castings or other workpieces in place while machining the upper surface. Maximum output force is 1300 lbs.

Jergens is located at 15700 S. Waterloo Road, Cleveland, OH, 44110.
Telephone: (216) 486-5540
FAX: (216) 481-6193
Please send inquiries to Tim Golling.

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