New Polyurethane Liquid Casting Resin are Easy to Pigment Into Any Color

Press Release Summary:

  • Longer pot life to allow manual mixing and degas at room temperature
  • Ensures hardness range for the applications between 75A and 95A shore durometer
  • Designed for roller skate wheels and skateboard wheels

Original Press Release:

Polyurethane Resin to Make Small Quantities of Custom Skate Wheels

Northstar Polymers has developed a series polyurethane liquid casting resin formulations specially designed to make roller skate wheels and skateboard wheels. The material can be mixed and poured at room temperature, and it has a longer pot life to allow manual mixing and degas at room temperature. The physical properties of the cured parts are close to those of the high-performance PTMEG formulations.

When wheels for roller skates, skateboards, kick scooters, and inline skates are designed, the materials must have a good rebound for the fast response. They must be resilient for the grip and comfortable rides, and it must also be abrasion resistance for the longevity. HighPerformance PTMEG based polyurethane casting resin formulas are often used for this application. However, the manufacturing process of such formulations can be very difficult without using expensive manufacturing equipment. For a small custom-wheel manufacturing operation, such a large investment can be very difficult. These new formulations allow smaller manufacturing operations to produce small quantities of custom wheels.

These four formulations cover the most common hardness range for the applications between 75A and 95A Shore Durometer. The natural color of cured material is creamy opaque and it is easy to pigment into your desired color.

For more information, please access the following linked document. ethane_General_Info.pdf

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