New Phantom Miro C320J and C320 Features 8GB or 16GB Memory

Press Release Summary:

  • Includes 10-micron pixel, providing much-needed light sensitivity
  • Features ISO rating of 10,000D for monochrome and 2,000D for color
  • Rugged and tested to 170G shock and 24 grms vibe

Original Press Release:

The New Phantom Miro C320J and C320 offer HD High-Speed Imaging for Automotive Crash Testing

Vision Research, leading manufacturer of Phantom High-Speed cameras, introduces the Phantom Miro C320J and C320 to their extensive suite of on-board and off-board automotive crash test high speed camera solutions.

Wayne, N.J. (PRWeb) July 15, 2019

Vision Research, leading manufacturer of Phantom High-Speed cameras, introduces the Phantom Miro C320J and C320 to their extensive suite of on-board and off-board automotive crash test high speed camera solutions. Reaching 1,480 fps at a full 1920 x 1080 and over 90,000 fps on lower resolutions, the new Phantom cameras provide an ample frame rate for a wide range of auto safety applications and scenarios.

“With the introduction of the Miro C320J and C320, crash test centers can now rely on Phantom High-Speed cameras for a complete on-board and off-board solution,” said Doreen Clark, Senior Product Manager for Vision Research. “They can use the same software and protocols with the Miro C320J or C320 on-board and the media-quality Phantom VEO4K used for off-board applications, greatly simplifying processing while getting great image quality. We’re excited about the efficiency and quality this comprehensive approach brings.”

The C320 and C320J have a 10-micron pixel, providing much-needed light sensitivity. They have an ISO rating of 10,000D for Monochrome and 2,000D for Color, as measured by the official ISO SAT 12232 methodology.

The Phantom Miro C320 and C320J joins a growing Phantom Miro C family: smaller, more focused cameras dedicated toward reliable image quality as well as the protection of those images through its study design. These Vision Research cameras are built off the backs of previous products, most notably the C210 and C210J, which are used throughout the automotive industry with practical applications in industrial and scientific fields. Additionally, these cameras were subjected to rigorous third-party testing to survive up to 170G shock and 24 Grms vibe in accordance with the demanding MIL-STD-202G protocol.

The C320 and C320J focus on image protection, especially in harsh environments. They use the same reliable battery as the C210 series and include 128GB of internal Flash. If power is lost during a test, the battery ensures that camera continues to operate, preserving the image as it downloads safely to the non-volatile Flash. They connect easily with the popular Miro J-Box 2.0 Junction Box for simple multi-camera functionality, operating with the same single software. The C320J connects to the J-Box with one simple, rugged cable that contains power, ethernet and signaling. For added flexibility, the C320 may be used as a stand-alone camera or can connect to the J-Box 2.0 with an adapter to the same single cable. Offering complete on-board and off-board flexibility, the Miro J-Box 2.0 also operates seamlessly with other Miro cameras and VEO cameras.

Key Specifications of the Phantom Miro C320J and C320 

  • 1,480 fps at 1920 x 1080 
  • 10-µm pixel for high light sensitivity 
  • Rugged, tested to 170G Shock and 24 Grms vibeq 
  • Small – approximately 3-inch cubes 
  • Internal battery and Flash for image protection 
  • 8GB or 16GB memory 
  • Made in the USA

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