New Phablets Using FPC Fingerprint Technology Launched by Pantech in Korea

GOTHENBURG, Sweden – During October and November, the Pantech Android phablet models IM-A890S, IM-A890K and IM-A890L, marketed as Vega Secret Note, will start to sell in operator stores all over Korea. The IM-A890S is already available in stores. These phones follow the successful launch of the popular finger-sensor-enabled smartphone Pantech Vega LTE-A, launched in August this year. The three phones constitute Fingerprint Cards' (FPC's) first launch in phablet products.

"We have received very positive feedback on the finger sensor and its associated secure applications in Pantech Vega LTE-A and we are happy to deploy this important feature on our phablet product line-up. Our finger-sensor-enabled products are compatible with the new Korean payment service called Bartong, also being launched in October," says Mr. Lee, leader of the Component Development Team of Pantech.

Johan Carlstrom, President and Chief Executive Officer of FPC, comments:

"The Korean market is one of the most advanced mobile markets. Pantech has become a pioneer in finger-sensor-enabled products and related security and convenience applications, such as the new Bartong payment service."

About Fingerprint Cards AB (publ)

Fingerprint Cards AB (FPC) markets, develops and produces biometric components and technologies that through the analysis and matching of an individual's unique fingerprint verify the person's identity. The technology consists of biometric sensors, processors, algorithms and modules that can be used separately or in combination with each other. The competitive advantages offered by the FPC's technology include unique image quality, extreme robustness, low power consumption and complete biometric systems. With these advantages and the ability to achieve extremely low manufacturing costs, the technology can be implemented in volume products such as smart cards and mobile phones, where extremely rigorous demands are placed on such characteristics. The company's technology can also be used in IT and Internet security, access control, etc.

Fingerprint Cards AB (publ) discloses this information pursuant to the Swedish Securities Market Act (2007:528) and the Swedish Financial Instruments Trading Act (1991:980). The information was issued for publication on October 25 at 11.30 AM CET.

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