New Perforated UltraTouch Denim Insulation Makes Installation Easier

It is with great pleasure that Bonded Logic has implemented the launch of perforated UltraTouch(TM) Denim Insulation. As many of us already know, the cutting differences of UltraTouch have historically been a common complaint from end users. At Bonded Logic, we are always listening to feedback from the market and strive to adjust to address concerns. The introduction of perforated UltraTouch is a direct result of responding to our customer's communication. We are very excited about the time and monetary savings that the perforated insulation brings to both the professional installer as well as the average homeowner.

In the test projects we have conducted, we have seen major changes in installation efficiency and installers with a much improved outlook.

Perforated pieces vary and are as follows:

R13/16 - Minimum 3 pieces perforated per bag

R13/24 - Minimum 3 pieces perforated per bag

R19/16 - Minimum 2 pieces perforated per bag

R19/24 - Minimum 2 pieces perforated per bag

R21/16 - Minimum 2 pieces perforated per bag

R21/24 - Minimum 2 pieces perforated per bag

R8 and R30 are not currently offered as perforated batts.

The perforation patterns are dependent upon the width of the product. Currently, there are 3(three) patterns for 16" material and 4(four) patterns for 24" material. These patterns were determined to provide the best off-size cavity sizing options and reduce the need for any full length cuts during the installation process. There are currently not a set number of specifically patterned pieces per bag.

Please don't hesitate to call us with any questions you may have and take a moment to visit the for a short video regarding this product launch. As always, thanks for your support of Bonded Logic and UltraTouch Denim Insulation.


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