New PCE-VT 3900 Vibration Meter with Measuring Range up to 399.9 m/s

Press Release Summary:

  • Display of the vibration values as RMS, PEAK, PEAK-PEAK, or crest factor
  • Features route measurement, FFT analysis and determination of the rpm from the vibration amplitude
  • Measured values can be saved manually or via the data logger in meter

Original Press Release:

Compact Vibration Data Logger with FFT and Route Measurement - The New PCE-VT 3900 from PCE Instruments

The new PCE-VT 3900 vibration meter from PCE Instruments has numerous functions for measuring and evaluating the three vibration parameters vibration acceleration, vibration velocity and vibration displacement. The current measured value can be displayed as an effective value (RMS), peak or crest value, peak-to-peak value (value between the highest and lowest reading) or as a crest or peak factor (quotient of peak and RMS).

The display of the PCE-VT 3900 also shows the previous maximum value of the measurement below the current measured value. For vibration displacement and velocity, the measured value can also be immediately classified according to the ISO standard 10816-3. The new vibration meter also has special functions such as route measurement, FFT analysis and determination of the rpm from the vibration amplitude.

The measured values can be saved manually or via the data logger function in the meter and later transferred to a computer for evaluation and documentation. The PC software supplied facilitates the configuration of the measurements as well as the evaluation and archiving of the measurement data. With the rechargeable LiPo battery, the vibration data logger manages measurement times of 15 to 20 hours. The only difference between the two available device versions is that the sensor of the PCE-VT 3900S is equipped with a plastic handle. Both sensors have a ¼" - 28 UNF thread at the front. This thread allows the sensors to be screwed directly onto designated measuring spots. In addition, a magnet adaptor or a measuring tip can be securely connected via the thread to simplify the measurements.

In the following, see an overview of the most important data of the PCE-VT 3900

  • Measurement range - Vibration acceleration: 0.0 … 399.9 mm/s², Vibration velocity: 0.0 … 399.9 mm/s, Vibration displacement: 0.0 … 3.69 mm
  • Display of the vibration values as RMS, PEAK, PEAK-PEAK or crest factor
  • ISO 10816-3 evaluation
  • FFT analysis
  • Route measurement
  • Machine rpm can be entered or determined via the vibration amplitude
  • Data logger
  • Micro USB port
  • Rechargeable LiPo battery

The compact and robust vibration data logger PCE-VT 3900 with route measurement, FFT analysis and extensive memory options is particularly suitable for the repeated monitoring of vibration-prone machines and components in extensive systems. Thanks to the versatile evaluation options of the PCE-VT 3900, conspicuous vibration values can be quickly detected, reliably documented and correctly evaluated.

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