New Packaging and Assembly Services Includes Ribbon Bonding Capability

Press Release Summary:

  • Provides automatic and manual wedge wire bonding
  • Full packaging as well as chip-on-tab where StratEdge provides the heat spreading tabs
  • Specializes in RF and microwave devices, including GaN and gallium arsenide

Original Press Release:

StratEdge Expands Packaging and Assembly Services for High-Frequency and High-Power Devices

New facility equipped with cleanrooms and latest eutectic die attach systems

San Diego, CA - August 14, 2019 - StratEdge Corporation, leader in the design, production, and assembly of high frequency and high power semiconductor packages for microwave, millimeter-wave, and high-speed digital devices, announces the expansion of its Assembly Services Division and its facilities and capabilities for packaging RF and microwave devices that range from DC to 63+ GHz. Assembly services cover the gamut of packaging, from manual to fully automatic and first article prototypes to hundreds of thousands of modules for fully automated production.

StratEdge's new ISO 9001:2015 facility has a Class 1000 cleanroom and Class 100 work area with workstations for performing sensitive operations. It is fully furnished with the most modern assembly equipment for high-speed fine wire wedge and ribbon bonding. The bonder is specially equipped for eutectic gold-tin (AuSn) attachment of devices, achieving bond line thickness less than 6µm. StratEdge's proprietary eutectic die attach technology has been honed to get the best possible power output for gallium nitride (GaN) devices and results in lower junction temperatures and increased device reliability.

StratEdge's Assembly Services specializes in:

  • RF and microwave devices, including GaN and gallium arsenide (GaAs)
  • High-frequency passive and active components
  • Multiple component multi-chip modules
  • Power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, mixed signal devices

StratEdge's Assembly Services capabilities include:

  • Epoxy and eutectic die attach
  • Automated gold-tin die attach developed for GaN and GaAs devices
  • Automatic and manual wedge wire bonding
  • Ribbon bonding
  • Low profile wire bonds
  • 50-ohm lines for reducing wire lengths
  • Conductive and non-conductive epoxies
  • Full packaging as well as chip-on-tab where StratEdge provides the heat spreading tabs

"Flexible equipment, skilled operators, and experienced applications engineersenable StratEdge to accommodate the numerous needs of our customers," said Casey Krawiec, VP global sales for StratEdge. "Our new die attach system is the fastest and most reliable multiple die-type bonder on the market and the automated eutectic die attach vastly increases throughput. When chips are assembled inStratEdge's high-frequency or high-power packages they will perform to their fullest potential." 

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About StratEdge Corporation

StratEdge Corporation, founded in 1992, designs, manufactures, and provides assembly services for a complete line of high frequency and high power semiconductor packages operating from DC to 63+ GHz. StratEdge offers post-fired ceramic, low-cost molded ceramic, and ceramic QFN packages, and specializes in packages for extremely demanding gallium arsenide (GaAs) and gallium nitride (GaN) devices. Markets served include telecom, VSAT, broadband wireless, satellite, military, test and measurement, automotive, clean energy, and down-hole. All packages are lead-free and most meet RoHS and WEEE standards. StratEdge is an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility located in Santee, California, near San Diego.

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