New P200 Series Solid State Drive is Equipped with Built in Temperature Sensor

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  • Transfer speeds up to 530MB/s and 460MB/s for read and write respectively
  • Available in 256GB, 512GB, 1TB and 2TB sizes
  • Offer more space for air circulation and cable management

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Patriot Launches P200 Series SSD to Maximize Performance and Cost-Effectiveness

Fastest transfer speed available in the thinnest 2.5” SATA III 6Gbps SSD with capacities up to 2TB.

FREMONT, CALIF. (PRWEB) JULY 17, 2019 -- PATRIOT®, a global leader in performance memory, SSDs, gaming peripherals, and flash storage solutions, is proud to announce the launch of their P200 series 2.5” internal SATA III 6Gbps solid state drive (SSD) today. The P200 series comes equipped with best-quality memory chips and components that have passed a strict quality control process. This process ensures that the P200 series provides the largest storage capacity, fastest read and write speeds and better reliability. P200 series is available in sizes ranging from 256GB and up to 2TB to meet current marking demands for diverse storage options and features the latest SMI 2258XT series controller to achieve the unparalleled transfer speeds of up to 530MB/s read, and 460MB/s write. This speed boost improves systems performance in many ways from response time under heavy loads to initial startup times and transfer speeds across a network.

P200 has trimmed its thickness down from 9mm to 7mm to ensure it will fit into any system while reserving extra space on the backside of motherboard trays in high-end gaming systems. The thickness between the side panel and the motherboard back tray can be quite small making the 7mm height of P200 ideal in these situations while also offering more space for better air circulation and cable management inside the case. The P200 series is a win-win solution for system builders when planning to build a mini PC or tower-style gaming system.

P200 series is not only a high-performance SSD with huge capacities, but it is also a smart device. Laptop users often use the “standby mode” to avoid waiting for their laptop to reboot. This process is speedy but comes at the expense of battery life while the laptop remains to come alive again. The P200 has a unique design that will prevent battery loss in lower power states by cutting power entirely to the SATA interface when the drive is not in operation. The 30ms instant-on response time ensures the P200 is ready at a moment’s notice and save power when needed. The P200 series is equipped with a built-in temperature sensor to detect excessive heat as not to jeopardize the drive itself.

Enhance the computer’s performance, application, and gaming response time with Patriot’s P200 series SSD. Backed by the limited warranty, Patriot’s P200 series delivers one of the most reliable and price-to-performance SSD’s on the market. Available now in capacities starting at 256GB up to 2TB.

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