New P&H 'C-Series' Shovels Enter Service in Mines Worldwide

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN - November 2007 - Several units of a new line of next-generation P&H "C-Series" electric shovels from P&H Mining Equipment recently entered service in major mining operations in Australia, Mexico, Peru and the United States.

P&H formally introduced the new shovels in 2006 and dubbed them "C-Series" in part because they succeed and build upon the 90s-generation P&H "B-Series" shovels. The new shovels are delivering increased productivity, reliability and safety management value through greater control, comfort and consistency features that span the entire P&H shovel product line.

As of September 2007, P&H C-Series shovels have been placed into service on schedule with zero safety incidents by P&H MinePro Services assembly teams in the following mining regions:

Australia coal mines: P&H 4100XPC (2 units)
Mexico copper mine: P&H 2800XPC
Peru copper mine: P&H 4100C
U.S. taconite mine: P&H 2800XPC
U.S. gold mine: P&H 4100XPC (2 units)
U.S. copper mine: P&H 4100XPC (2 units)

P&H C-Series shovels are designed to help mining operations obtain increased productivity, reliability and safety performance with the help of several new technology initiatives developed by P&H Mining Equipment.

A major factor in the new C-Series shovels is the P&H Centurion(TM) control system that coordinates and optimizes multiple systems and subsystems that comprise the overall shovel. As an example, Centurion applies the second-generation OptiDigII(TM) system that uses powerful algorithms to bring about optimized hoist and crowd forces during the dig cycle.

Centurion, now applied to well over 75 P&H shovels worldwide, also provides many shovel performance enhancements including faster propel transfer, improved anti-swing in the bank, automatic boom soft set-down and P&H Payload(TM) weight measurement systems to help increase overall control over key shovel functions.

Centurion is also a powerful communication system that provides the shovel operator as well as mine maintenance and operations management with vital information about key shovel health and performance indicators to help sustain production and minimize costly downtime. A communication system called P&H ShoveLink(TM) provides mine personnel with remote access to the information generated by Centurion.

Mines that have upgraded existing P&H shovels to Centurion and/or have acquired new P&H shovels equipped with the new system are realizing increased performance value, primarily in faster cycle times as well as greater control over maintenance cost and increased shovel reliability.

To minimize the effects of long shifts on shovel operators, P&H C-Series shovels feature the P&H Loading Control Center (LCC) for optimized comfort, alertness and safety. Designed with inputs from operators and considerable research in the field, the LCC features an ergonomic seat and joystick controls, large tinted windows providing greater visibility to shovel functions and surroundings, and a powerful conditioned air system for added operator comfort throughout the work shift. Operators of P&H C-Series shovels are reporting overall satisfaction with the new LCC.
P&H C-Series shovel models include the 4100XPC, 4100C, 4100C-BOSS, 2800XPC and 2300XPC models. All models share the same Centurion, LCC and other features for increased overall operation and maintenance performance consistency and reduced operating cost.

P&H MinePro Services, the global mine support network of P&H, provides a full complement of life cycle management service support for P&H C-Series and pre-C-Series shovels placed into service in high performance mines worldwide.

P&H Mining Equipment is a world-leading supplier of electric rope shovels, large rotary blasthole drills, and walking draglines, with global life cycle management support through its distribution arm, P&H MinePro Services. MinePro Services also represents and supports over thirty leading lines of equipment and services globally as a strong partner for the mining industry.

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