New Oxygen Pressure Regulator Provides Constant Preset and Tamper-Proof Output, Reducing Dynamic Pressure Waste and Increasing Safety

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  • Features a tamper-proof design and can control nitrogen, argon and other inert gases
  • Devices are lead-free and made of stainless steel and Grivory
  • Provides protection for medical applications and can be used in any application that requires sustained control of oxygen

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Oxygen Pressure Regulator Introduced To Line Up

New offering provides added protection for medical applications

The latest product in a line of safety regulators distributed by Proportion-Air controls a medium integral to the medical market: oxygen. The OxyReg provides a constant preset and tamper-proof output of oxygen, reducing dynamic pressure waste and increasing safety.

Many oxygen-dependent medical devices rely on valves and gauges to maintain pressure. The challenge is that pressure may fluctuate. Even small fluctuations can put people or expensive machines at risk.

“Developing equipment that maintains safe pressure is a top priority for medical device designers,” said Kirk Davis, business development manager for Proportion-Air, an American distributor of the Protect-Air line. “Adding an OxyReg provides a constant output pressure, which is particularly important for respiratory or anesthetic applications.”

While some fluctuations come from mechanical issues, often human error plays a role. Like other Protect-Air products, the OxyReg features a tamper-proof design. Customers select from a range of pressure settings when ordering; the device comes pre-set to that range from the factory. No pressure gauge or other service is necessary.

In medical device design, the component offers two correlated benefits: By limiting pressure to a specified level, there is no oxygen wasted, and overpressurization is nearly eliminated. Patients are safer and equipment life can be extended.

OxyReg devices are lead-free and made of stainless steel and Grivory, an FDA- and National Sanitation Foundation-approved plastic.

Besides oxygen, the OxyReg can control nitrogen, argon and other inert gases.

While medical applications are the product’s core market, an OxyReg can also in nearly any application that requires sustained control of oxygen.

Visit the Proportion-Air website for more information about the OxyReg or safety regulators for pneumatic tools, compressed air systems or other fluid applications.

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