New Orion Mini Small Parts Sorter Comes with InGage Software

Press Release Summary:

  • Can measure sidewise lying parts up to 0.500 in. long and 0.125 in. wide and flat lying parts with outer diameters up to 0.200 in.
  • Provides the user with numerous tools for feature extraction and measurement to accuracy within 0.00005 in.
  • Offers image acquisition and analysis in less than 100 ms and allows the system to inspect 10 parts per second

Original Press Release:

Orion Mini: Small Parts Sorter High Precision Vision Based Rapid Part Sorter

Longmeadow, MA - Six Sigma Concepts, LLC has developed the Orion Mini, a high throughput sorter specialized for small parts. It transports parts for sorting on a tilted rotating glass platen with a metal shoulder. Long pin-like parts lie sidewise on the platen while flatter washer-like parts lie with their flat side on the platen. This allows for backlit optical inspection of overall lengths for longer parts and internal through features, such as inner diameters, for flat parts. The machine can measure sidewise lying parts up to 0.500” long and 0.125” wide and flat lying parts with outer diameters up to 0.200”.

A small field of view telecentric imager acts like a magnifier, increasing image resolution and measurement accuracy. The system typically measures part features to an accuracy within 0.00005”. Image acquisition and analysis takes less than 100ms, allowing the system to inspect 10 parts per second, although part size and feed can often limit the sorting rate. The Orion Mini’s fast image acquisition and high accuracy makes on the fly inspection possible. Continuous inspection allows for the platen to rotate at a constant speed; simplifying part feeding requirements.

Parts continue to travel around the platen after inspection until they arrive at an air blow off. Parts that pass inspection are blown down a chute, while parts that fail continue around until gravity drops them down a separate chute. Both part counts and measurements can be tracked and recorded. Sorter parameters including blow off timings and platen speed are editable by the end user to be optimized for different part sizes.

The Orion Mini is the first sorting system to feature the newly developed InGage™ inspection and sorting software. InGage™ provides the user with numerous tools for feature extraction and measurement. Measurable features include, but are not limited to, lengths, radii, angles, and threads. InGage™ also has tools devoted to sorting, such as the part tracking tool and part senor tool. These tools adjust the measurements to changes in part position and trigger part inspection. All tools and settings are able to be saved and recalled; facilitating quick changes and maintaining measurement consistency between different part runs. Complete software is included and communication with statistical process control is available.

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Six Sigma Concepts, LLC
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