New NovaFluor Dyes Address Unmet Needs Across Spectrum of Cell Analysis

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  • Enable researchers to radically accelerate discoveries in biomarkers and treatments for life-threatening diseases
  • Help researchers answer substantially more questions per cell on extant flow cytometry instrumentation
  • Provides unmatched cell population resolution to drive improved biological insight

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Phitonex Launches NovaFluor Dyes Enabling High Resolution Biology for Single Cell Analysis

New Dyes and Platform Provide a Transformative Leap in Fluorescence by Design to Enable Research

Durham, N.C. and Vancouver, British Columbia, June 24, 2019/PRNewswire/ -- Phitonex, Inc. launched their new suite of NovaFluor dyes today at CYTO2019, the 34th Congress of the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry, the largest industry conference in single cell biology.

New dyes developed on the NovaFluor platform were shown, which enable researchers to radically increase in the number of scientific questions they can answer, accelerating discoveries in biomarkers and treatments for life-threatening diseases.

"Our NovaFluor dyes address key unmet needs across the spectrum of cell analysis, and help researchers answer substantially more questions per cell on extant flow cytometry instrumentation. We are incredibly excited to get our NovaFluor dyes into the hands of researchers and move forward with our game-changing InfiniFluor dyes," said Michael Stadnisky, Ph.D, CEO of Phitonex.

Presentations describing the new dyes and the Phitonex platform technology were presented at CYTO Innovation and the Futures panel discussion by CEO Michael Stadnisky. Additionally, Phitonex won the CYTO Innovation Technology showcase based on its transformative technology, team, market opportunity, and business approach.

The Phitonex platform enables the deterministic engineering of optical properties to provide high resolution analysis of single cells by flow cytometry, and in the future, other applications. Lower noise, less spectral overlap, and fluorescence-by-design means that Phitonex dyes immediately unlock a higher number of parameters across current instrumentation and provide unmatched cell population resolution to drive enhanced biological insight.

"By leveraging DNA as a structural tool, our platform technology allows us to customize fluorescent labels with a remarkable degree of flexibility," Craig LaBoda, Co-Founder and CTO said.

Phitonex has opened its early access program for the NovaFluor series of dyes and plans to release more dyes for high resolution biology soon. For more information and to connect with us to discuss your application, please visit

About Phitonex, Inc.

Phitonex, Inc. is developing next generation fluorescent labels for biomarker detection. We have developed a new paradigm in the detection of biological molecules on single cells, critically important in the development of new treatments and cures as the single cell is the fundamental unit of health and disease. As a Duke University spin-out, the company's co-founders have over 15 years of collaborative experience engineering labels at the molecular level to tailor their fluorescence properties. NovaFluor and InfiniFluor are registered trademarks of Phitonex, Inc. Dyes are for research use only, not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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