New Natron TxM Solvent Extends Pot-Life of Silicone Inks

Press Release Summary:

  • Improves pigment stability, ink flow, viscosity and gloss finish of prints
  • Enables screen stability and improves ink printability
  • Solves clouding / ghosting issue associated with white silicone pad printing inks

Original Press Release:

Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. Introduces Natronâ„¢ TxM Solvent for Silicone Pad Printing Inks

Woburn, Massachusetts – Technology, Ink manufacturing company, Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. introduces TxM solvent for silicone pad printing inks. This new solvent solves clouding / ghosting issue typically visible with white silicone pad printing inks.

This new solvent once improves pigment stability, ink flow, and viscosity. The Natron™ TxM solvent for silicone ink also improves the gloss finish of the prints.

The Natron™ TxM Solvent is unique because:

  • It reduces clumping and keeps the pigments together
  • It extends the pot-life of the silicone inks, and
  • It enables screen stability and improves ink printability
  • produces an attractive, high-quality finish
  • It solves clouding issue associated with pad printing.

This innovation in silicone printing gives pad printing decorators the ability to pad print on silicone with white ink and other colors. Just like our other solvents, the Type TxM™ pad printing ink solvent keeps the ink wet for longer period and still allows for optimal ink adhesion. Printers and Decorators Worldwide can now take advantage of the benefits offered by the Type TxM™ solvent: innovation, durability, and value.

The Natron™ TxM solvent is available in 1Quart & 1 Gallon containers.

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