New Micro Tek Overlays Holds up Against Heavy Pedestrian

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  • Allow users to create tight, flat surfaces in much less time than traditional grout products
  • Delivers the appearance of smooth concrete while allowing for flexibility, extraordinary adhesion and unmatched resilience
  • Suitable for residential and commercial concrete applications

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TruTop Rebrand Brings Three Proven Products Together to Create an Unbeatable Micro Topping Concrete Coating Lineup

SureCrete and Concrete Coatings Inc announces exciting news of product mergers and re-branding, that allow governmental, educational, and municipalities to procure hi-def flooring solutions from a single source.

Dade City, FLA. (PRWeb) September 02, 2019 -- Acid-stained, dyed, and granite-look concrete surfaces have become popular options for both residential and commercial concrete applications. But what if you want that look, and your concrete surface is old, worn, and roughly used? The surface must be properly cleaned and repaired prior to any decorative application.

That’s why SureCrete developed TruTop, an extremely thin, single-component, self-bonding overlay for interior concrete surfaces. Both the white and gray TruTop bag mixes were specially formulated to offer designers a truly blank canvas for decorative applications on concrete floors and walls. Once applied, the possibilities are limited only by the artistic talent of the applicator and the proper use of the coating, including complementary products, such as SureCrete’s SC TruColor.

Success Creates a New Opportunity

TruTop was an immediate hit. Tony Leff, VP of Marketing at Fenix Group, says contractors appreciated the ease of use, simplicity of application, and quick, simple cleanup. Customers loved the unique, stunning results. “Demand for TruTop has exploded, making it the fastest-growing single-component thin concrete overlay across all Fenix Group brands,” Leff says.

Following the unparalleled success of TruTop, in an effort to bring the best micro-thin overlays in the industry under one banner, Fenix Group acquired two of the premier concrete bag mix Micro Toppings on the market today: Micro Tek™ Rough Grade and Micro Tek™ Smooth Grade.

Micro Tek™ Micro Topping is a paper-thin overlay, delivering the appearance of smooth concrete while allowing for flexibility, extraordinary adhesion, and unmatched resilience. Countless contractors have made Micro Tek Micro Toppings the ‘go-to product’ when a concrete surface is too worn to allow acid stains or other pristine, decorative finish work. Micro Tek Micro Toppings are also popular because they: 

  • Allow users to create tight, flat surfaces in much less time than traditional grout products
  • Hold up well against heavy pedestrian and vehicle traffic
  • Complement any environment, because every application can be uniquely designed

Technicians apply Micro-Tek Rough Grade as a base coat before adding Micro-Tek Smooth Grade as the finish coat. For added convenience and quality, for the contractor and the customer, Micro-Tek coatings already come with the appropriate polymer in the mix. No separate polymers are necessary to achieve a pristine, finished look.

The Best Line Up in the Business

“Acquiring those Micro-Tek coatings was a major win for Fenix Group and for our customers,” Leff says. “Sometimes, though, when you have several highly successful, similar products under one brand, you open the door for potential market confusion. We chose to get out ahead of that, because we want our customers to understand that both TruTop and Micro Tek products are outstanding options, not competitive products.”

Fenix Group’s proactive solution: Re-brand TruTop with a new name that captures the overlay’s unique formulation and properties while communicating that it is a complementary option, rather than a market competitor. Fenix Group is proud to announce that TruTop is joining the Micro Tek line as Micro Tek™ One Coat.

While Micro Tek Rough and Smooth Grade offer the traditional two-step overlay application, Micro-Tek One Coat was developed to be the next evolution in concrete overlay, allowing applicators to achieve a smooth, burnish finish in a single coat, saving time and labor costs. Leff says this adaptation does not mean One Coat is necessarily the better product, but it is a convenient and effective option for contractors who want proven results on tighter timelines.

“Once again, we want to thank our customers for making Micro Tek One Coat the fastest-growing single-component, thin concrete overlay across all Fenix Group brands,” Leff says. “While the name has changed to reflect new and exciting options in this line, the quality, durability, and flexibility you have come to expect remain the same.”

If you have any questions or comments related to Micro Tek One Coat or any of the other cutting-edge products in the Micro Tek line, please contact us at 1-352-567-7973.

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