New Mach2 Software Platform Features Automating and Enforcing Processes

Press Release Summary:

  • Reduces design, engineering and implementation to provide rapid experience for Plex MES users in live real-time shop floor data
  • Delivers rapid standard integration, while providing a platform to address unique customer, process or localized requirements
  • Offers code free environment that minimizes deployment time, and provide opportunities for support in the Plex community as well as internally by the customer

Original Press Release:

Kors Engineering Mach2 Platform Provides Rapid Shop Floor Integration to the Plex Manufacturing Execution Suite for Greater Accuracy, Timeliness and Detail

Manufacturers to benefit from code-free platform integration

WATERFORD, Mich., Nov. 22, 2019 – Kors Engineering, a premier service provider for manufacturing and industrial organizations, today announced a standard platform and tools for rapid shop floor integration. 

Mach2 is connected to Plex MES Suite by design. These tools help reduce design, engineering and implementation to provide rapid “Day 1” experience for Plex MES users needing live real-time shop floor data. Mach2 delivers rapid standard integration, while providing a platform to address unique customer, process or localized requirements.

A powerful code free environment minimizes deployment time, and opens opportunities for support in the Plex community as well as internally by the customer. Powerful dashboards and visualization communicate performance and business data to complete the circuit of information – from the plant floor, to Plex, and back to the operators, supervisors, and production management. 

“Day 2” opportunities continue to deliver value by automating and enforcing processes, capturing critical quality and part data, and providing specific context and screens to help operators focus on their jobs of making and delivering product.

“We’ve been working with Plex for nearly 20 years,” said Tony Kaczmarek, president of Kors Engineering. “We’ve pioneered solutions that now can deliver world class features and functionality with the lowest cost of ownership. Our customers love to take control of our tools and their shop floor, and see the seamless integration of their equipment living in their Plex MES. Greater accuracy, transparency and control help our customers achieve their highest levels of efficiency, while accurately delivering the best products possible to their customers.”

The speed and power of Mach2 was clear to Thai Summit. Brendan Dutzy explains. “Empowered by the Thai Summit Management Team and the Mach2 toolset, we’ve been able to aggressively roll out Mach2 to over 50 workcenters at two plants very quickly. After only a few months here at Thai Summit I am proud of the progress we have made and most importantly the difference it has made to the business. I’m excited for what the future holds!” For additional details, please view Thai Summit’s customer success story here.

Luke Abrams from Newman Technology confirmed not only the short term gains, but continuous improvement delivered year after year with Mach2. “Mach2 is an awesome toolset that facilitates a broad spectrum of machine integration challenges. With Mach2, we’ve been able to start with our biggest pain points and evolve it to support many of the diverse needs at our facility.”

Mach2 is about Control

Control: Data Entry into Plex
With Mach2, data entry is automated; unleashing operators from tedious data entry while improving accuracy. Mach2 captures data (24x7x365) about production cycles, part variances, downtime, scrap, inventory and machine status that many current manufacturing processes can’t access. Information can be captured from PLCs, scales and gauges, legacy equipment, barcode printers and scanners, plant systems and ERP and MES Systems.

Control: Shop Floor Execution
Mach2 enables operators to focus on producing products. Mach2 can automate machine setups by calling information housed in Plex and generate lineside labeling. Automate everything including transactions, monitoring and error proofing. Production scoreboards and dashboards present real-time machine data in easy-to-read results to employees on the shop floor.

Control: Your Future through Unlimited Expansion of Mach2
Mach2 is a tool-set that enables unlimited possibilities. After a 2-day training class, Kors will “hand over the keys” allowing you to make any enhancements you desire – NO CODING REQUIRED. Open architecture preserves legacy investments and evolves to incorporate next generation technology. Single-server licensing model means no per user licensing fees.

About Kors Engineering
Kors Engineering is a premier systems integrator and automation and controls provider for manufacturers and other industrial facilities. Kors Engineering delivers quantifiable results in cost reductions, time savings and process efficiencies. For more than 40 years Kors Engineering has executed projects to improve systems and business processes on the shop floor and throughout the entire enterprise. For more information, visit

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