New M2Smart Manual Terminals Connected Using an Insert/Slide Mechanism

Press Release Summary:

  • Offers sturdy main housing and 4.8" capacitive display
  • Available with an integrated quick-change lithium-ion battery that ensures long operating times free of interruptions
  • Modularity and standard interfaces make numerous attachable modules possible, including RFID readers, printers and chemical 1D/2D long-range scanners

Original Press Release:

New Patented Modularity with the M2Smart® ACD and Android™ Industrial+ - Developed and Manufactured in Germany to debut in USA at NRF January 2020

The M2Smart® is a new, modularly structured manual terminal with attachable modules that can be connected using an insert/slide mechanism. That means a specific solution module is possible for each and every customer problem, erasing all limits on creativity and flexibility, improving your Operations.

New patented modularly of the M2Smart® ACD

The new patented solution from ACD together with the modularity and standard interfaces make numerous attachable modules possible, including RFID readers, printers, distance sensors, temperature modules, chemical 1D/2D long-range scanners and different keyboard variants. The attachable modules mentioned here as well as other modules can also be adapted and implemented for specific customer requirements. Currently keyboard variant M2Key16 ACD as well as temperature module M2Temperature ACD for measuring core and surface temperatures are already optionally available. The individual modules can be exchanged at any time without a tool using the insert/slide mechanisms, thus allowing for highly efficient, economical and flexible work, on the sales floor, in incoming goods, in the warehouse, and also in production areas. This new modularity, currently unique on the market, makes it possible to configure customer-specific modules for all daily business requirements. End customers of ACD can already look forward today to many additional creative solution modules that will make daily work even more efficient and contribute towards successfully covering all process steps with just one basic device – even in different areas.

Why Android™ Industrial+?

The Android™ Industrial+ operating system that is used offers numerous advantages: Modern user guidance familiar to users of Android smartphones, together with the high quality of the German manufacturer! Unlike all competitors, who often use products from Asian manufacturers, this Android™ version can be selectively adapted to customer needs at any time. The German developer and manufacturer likewise ensure longterm supply capability and thus a high level of investment reliability. Hardware components that require fundamental adjustments to the operating system can also be integrated. Easy app programming means customers can use the terminal in different processes. ACD also takes responsibility for support, incorporates security updates, and provides assistance with troubleshooting as well as rapid response to security gaps. The advantage of communicating directly with a German manufacturer is unique on the market and greatly reduces complications.

The underlying hardware

The hardware behind the M2Smart® ACD is also visible: The basic device with sturdy main housing and 4.8" capacitive display was developed internally by ACD Elektronik GmbH. An integrated quickchange lithium-ion battery ensures long operating times free of interruptions and can also be changed during ongoing operation. Excellent technical performance is ensured by a high-performance Qualcomm Snapdragon™ processor, an integrated 2D scanner and a camera with illumination. Optionally available today, in addition to various modules including keyboards and temperature sensors, are WLAN to IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n, BT-compatible close-range radio as well as a docking station, the DS2Smart® ACD.

Of course the ACD M2Smart® stands for the familiar quality and good service and support of the German manufacturer.

About ACD Group

ACD Elektronik GmbH – as part of the ACD Group – is a dynamic, independent and flexible mid-sized company that is among the leading high-tech providers in the electronics sector. The ACD Group provides hardware and software solutions for mobile devices and applications for retail, logistics and EMS as well as products developed for specific customer requirements and mobile applications.

The current ACD Group consists of ACD Elektronik GmbH, ACD Systemtechnik GmbH, ACD Antriebstechnik GmbH, ACD Czech s.r.o. and ACD USA Inc. It is represented in Germany by two different sites, with one each in the Czech Republic and the USA. The Group has about 430 employees at all its sites and generated annual sales of over $98,000,000 in 2018.

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