New Loop Detectors Available in Plug-in or DIN Rail Mount Housings

Press Release Summary:

  • Controls the operation of parking barrier gates based on the inductance of the loop under the pavement
  • Features 20µH to 1000µH loop input inductance
  • Power supply ranges from 24-240 VAC/DC

Original Press Release:

Loop Detectors for Single and Dual Loops

September 2019 – Carlo Gavazzi is pleased to announce the launch of Loop Detectors for either single or dual loops, available in either plug-in or DIN rail mount housings.

Loop detectors are important devices used to control the operation of parking barrier gates based on the inductance of the loop under the pavement. They are also widely used in activation of retractable bollards (short vertical posts), ticketing machine systems, and occupancy counting. Loop detectors are installed for use in parking lots, streets, tool gantries, traffic light control and other places.

The LDD (DIN rail mount) and LDP (plug-in mount) Series accept universal supply voltages and are constructed in compact housings. They are equipped with the required features and benefits that meet the needs for reliable vehicle detection.

The LDD and LDP loop detectors are equipped with automatic loop frequency tuning and sensitivity tuning to provide easy installation. Automatic sensitivity boost (ASB) ensures a reliable detection of high bed vehicles such as trucks or busses. Other features include:

  • DIN rail and Plug in types
  • 20µH to 1000µH loop input inductance
  • Multicolor diagnostics LEDs
  • Fail safe and fail secure functions
  • 2 x SPDT relay outputs
  • Selectable output operation (pulse or presence)
  • Power supply range 24-240 VAC/DC
  • Sensitivity adjustment (0.01% to 1%)
  • Automatic or manual loop frequency tuning
  • Loop diagnostics capabilities to detect loop short/open circuit, inductance out of range and channel cross talk

The typical applications for loop detectors can usually be found in traffic management, parking management, security gates, drive-through restaurants, security bollards, etc.

The new Loop Detectors for Single and Dual Loops are available from Carlo Gavazzi’s network of sales offices and distributors in the Americas, or at

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