New Long Amplicon Analysis Tool Analyzes Single Molecule Real-Time Sequencing (SMRT) Data

Press Release Summary:

  • Generates highly accurate, phased and full-length consensus sequences for multiple genes in a single sequencing run
  • Provides complete, uniform and unbiased coverage across long amplicons
  • Applications include full-length 16S, 18S and ITS rRNA gene sequencing

Original Press Release:

CD Genomics Introduces Professional and Mature Long Amplicon Analysis Service

CD Genomics is a world-leading genomics services company that continues to innovate in high throughput sequencing services for the genomics industry, as well as genotyping, bioinformatics, microarrays, and more. The company launched its Long Amplicon Analysis Service, intending to help simplify project complexity by eliminating additional testing.

The correct genome phasing of genetic variations is a key challenge for many DNA sequencing applications. Although the allele-level resolution is strongly preferred for histocompatibility sequencing, recombined genes can exhibit different compatibilities than their parents. In other contexts, gene complementation can provide protection if deleterious mutations are found on only one allele. These problems are especially pronounced in immunological domains, given the high levels of genetic diversity and recombination in regions like the major histocompatibility complex. In view of this, a new tool that analyzes Single Molecule Real-Time Sequencing (SMRT) data – Long Amplicon Analysis (LAA) – generates highly accurate, phased, and full-length consensus sequences for multiple genes in a single sequencing run is invented.

Single-molecule real-time long-read sequencing provides complete, uniform, and unbiased coverage across long amplicons. Unlike short-read technologies, SMRT sequencing does not require amplicon fragmentation and allows for various phasing across the entire amplicon analysis.

Based on PacBio Circular Consensus Sequences (CCSs), polymerases can replicate the same DNA region multiple times, resulting in high-fidelity and long-read (>99.9% single-molecule read accuracy) sequencing. Meanwhile, Long Amplicon Analysis (LAA) using Single Molecule Real-Time (SMRT) Sequencing and the Sequel System produces highly accurate and phased CCSs using long amplicons.

Compared to short-read sequencing platforms, PacBio long-read sequencing makes it easy to sequence amplicons or capture fragments ranging in size from a few hundred up to 10 K base pairs. These long sequences are useful for the visualization of variants, including SNPs, CNVs, and other structural variants that typically do not require assembly. CD Genomics offers specialized and cost-effective LAA services ranging in sequencing depth from <500 to 10K CCSs per sample to meet specific research needs.

“CD Genomics has extensive experience in long-read amplicon sequencing using the PacBio sequencing platform. We provide long-read amplicon sequencing of the highest quality and sequence accuracy for applications including full-length 16S, 18S, and ITS rRNA gene sequencing, CRISPR-edited gene characterization, targeted genome resequencing, and other custom amplicon sequencing applications. In the meantime, long-read amplicon sequencing can reduce project complexity by eliminating additional testing and achieve multiplexing for high-throughput projects,” stated CD Genomics’ senior scientist.

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