New Lighting Retrofit at State Correctional Facility in Michigan Cuts Parking Lot and Perimeter Security Energy Costs Average 66%; Cuts Lamp Maintenance in Half; White-Light Quality Greatly Improves Visual Acuity

Lapeer, MI - Since Thumb Correctional state prison was built in 1987, polemounted
employee and visitor parking lot lighting, and prison yard lighting directly
outside combinations of dual chain-link and razor-wire twelve-foot-high perimeter
security fences, had used high-pressure sodium lighting.

Two 400-watt HPS lamps per thirty-foot steel pole operated dusk to dawn, 365. Parking
lots have 15 such poles, the prison yard/ security perimeter, approximately one-mile-plus in diameter, has 46 poles. HPS lighting consumed 7.7 watts per linear foot of security fencing. High-watt 1960s-technology high-pressure sodium lamps were a common
choice when energy costs were low, and conserving resources and carbon emissions
wasn't then much of a consideration.

How could Thumb Correctional appreciably cut its share of the state's energy budget
without having to "reinvent the wheel," as far as much of its outdoor lighting was
concerned? Magnaray® International, commercial/institutional outdoor lighting
specialists that have been in the energy-saving sector of the market since long before
1987, was given an opportunity to propose a solution.

As long as prison officials had the right number of lighting poles where they needed
them, and the poles themselves had negligible ongoing maintenance costs, Magnaray®
recommended keeping them right where they were. What needed replacement was the
800 watts (960 total watts with ballast loss) of narrow distribution HPS lighting per pole.

Magnaray's solution was 212 watts of pure white four-foot long twin-tube T5 fluorescent
arrays per parking lot pole, and 424 watts per prison yard/perimeter security pole, that yielded immediate 55% and 78% energy savings, respectively that would also be long

There were additional cost savings and other notable benefits with the conversion.
Maintenance costs for lamp replacements were cut at least in half (twin T5 vs. HPS).
Purchase costs were less for twin T5 fluorescent arrays vs. any type of HID lighting
system, LEDs or plasma lighting system. The nature of Magnaray® International twin
T5 fluorescent systems is such that lighting glare is dramatically lower; minimizing
blindspots while greatly improving "seeability" for employees, visitors and perimeter
patrols alike.

4100°K high-color-rendition twin T5 fluorescent white light is a distinct improvement
compared with yellowish HPS. Lumen maintenance over the longer life of twin T5 lamps
is 90%. Unique design and angling of Magnaray® lightheads outside security fences
penetrate up to 300 feet inside from poles, allowing tower guards and perimeter patrols
to see all movements in the yard and accurately detect clothing colors. Shadows
between security fences are now minimal, as is wasted light overall. Twin T5 lighting
now consumes just 3.4 watts per linear foot of security fencing.

All in all, you could say Thumb Correctional has "reformed," greatly benefitting from
better quality light at much lower costs, and making its own lighting "corrections!" For more information about the many different types of Magnaray® energy-saving outdoor
(and indoor) lighting systems, please contact Magnaray® International, 2242 Whitfield
Park Loop, Sarasota, FL 34243. Telephone: (941) 755-2111. Fax: (941) 751-5483.
Email: Visit Magnaray® on the World Wide Web at:


Bill or Nancy Schoenfisch


336 County Highway 24

Richfield Springs, New York 13439

(315) 858-8393/Phone

(315) 858-9635/Fax

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