New LCD Modules from Microtips Offer Custom Display Options

Press Release Summary:

  • Available in Segment Icon LCD and Monochrome Graphic LCD models
  • Custom icon segment icon LCD module displays number segments and icons whereas monochrome graphic LCD module displays alphanumeric symbols or graphics in a single color
  • Capable of showing monochrome (single color) text, symbols, and graphics, with presets in various columns and row formats

Original Press Release:

Microtips Technology is Pleased to Announce a New Line of Segment Icon LCD, and Monochrome Graphic LCD Modules

"Segment Icon displays are capable of showing any combination of segments and custom designed icons to give any product a truly personalized feel. Monochrome Graphic Displays are capable of showing monochrome (single color) text, symbols, and graphics, with presets in various column and row formats," according to Jordan Ruhl, Field Applications Engineer, North America for Microtips Technology. 

Custom Segment Icon LCD
Custom Icon Segment displays are truly customized to what your product needs to say. Whether it is a calculator or a vital monitoring system, a custom icon segment display will show exactly what you want it to.

Monochrome Graphic LCD Display Modules 
With only alphanumeric symbols or graphics in a single color, users are able to read these displays easily. This means better efficiency for industrial applications and better usability in others. If you need to display a concise set of information in a small area, a monochrome display is what you need. With most being no bigger than a deck of cards, these displays can give you the right information at just the right size.

Since 1990. Microtips Technology has been producing complete turnkey solutions when it comes to manufacturing and producing LCD modules. Whatever project you have in mind, Microtips Technology has a fully custom display solution for it.

Microtips Technology provides local sales and engineering support in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

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