New KPI-Pyramid Boards Show Daily Targets Met

Macedon, NY - Managers tell us "things get done" when they display key performance metrics on Magnatag's new magnetic KPI whiteboards. A Georgia Continuous Improvement Manager says "They've helped us increase productivity by 10% since we started using them. People need feedback. Every minute of the day is worth X units of production and when they fall short, they need to know." A Florida Pharmaceuticals Production Manager told us "The boards are an essential ingredient of our Lean program. Our employees can actually see the score of the game at all times through their work-day. Without it, they can only guess. What better way to show the impact than to display the results right in front of everyone?"

"What gets measured gets done" says Magnatag spokesman Christian Krapf, "Our customers tell us the KPI boards motivate all who see them. They show daily results for a month using 2-sided, red / green Flip-Over magnets, magnetic KPI headings and dry erase markers. The heat-fused printed magnetic steel whiteboards are easy to set up, easy to use and come with everything needed to operate them including custom printed board titles."

For more information about Magnatag KPI-Pyramid whiteboard systems go to or call 800 624 4154 and talk to a visible systems specialist.

o About Magnatag® Visible Systems: a division of W.A. Krapf, Inc., they design, manufacture and direct-market over 2,300 magnetic printed steel task-specific and all-purpose magnetic printed steel whiteboard scheduling kits including calendars, maps, custom printed whiteboards, a full line of magnets and accessories (many patented) and other information display systems for industry, hospitals, schools, business, organizations and government. Their 45th year, a family company .

News Summary:

o Production Managers find displaying KPI's on the shop floor motivates improved productivity

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