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CHESTERLAND OH — CAS DataLoggers has teamed with Jager to announce the latest software update for ADwin data acquisition systems. Version boasts several improved features including support for new modules (Pro II-SENT-4 and Pro II-MIO-D12); enhancements to the MATLAB driver; and several bug fixes to compiler and library files. With the new MATLAB driver update, .EXE files can now be generated with the MATLAB compiler. The upgrade also includes TICO timing optimization, improved error handling, and more.

ADwin DAQ systems are high-performance real-time systems are capable of parallel, individually-controlled processes while running independently of a PC's operating system to provide deterministic operation with response times of 1 usec. or less. These sophisticated data acquisition and control systems see common use in electrical component testing, sensors and ECU's, control of servohydraulic systems, testing automotive components, motion control, synchronized data acquisition, and many other demanding applications.

The key feature of ADwin systems is the TICO co-processor, which has been optimized for fast reaction and exact timing in a nanosecond time scale. This onboard 'soft' processor works without putting a load on the main processor, letting users implement filters, statistical processing and triggering. The TiCo processor runs independently as a programmable co-processor which has access to all inputs and outputs and fulfills special tasks as filtering, data conversion, communication (SPI), signal generation, control, and more. The TiCo processor can support the ADwin CPU’s task, for example by preprocessing, or it can undertake a complete task on its own.

Each ADwin system has a central processing unit, the ADwin CPU, which executes all time-critical tasks in real time. A key feature of these systems are tightly-coupled analog and digital inputs/outputs along with add-ons like counters and bus interfaces which form the connection to the test stand, allowing extremely low-latency operation.

The user-friendly ADwin software environment can be used under Windows (95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Windows 7) and LINUX or as a reliable stand-alone data acquisition system. ADwin also has drivers for many of the popular programming environments including VB, VC/C++, LabVIEW, TestPoint and others. Additionally, the ADbasic control language allows users to program mathematical operations and functions which are executed immediately after each sampling step, even at sampling rates as high as 1.25 MHz. Every sampled value or event can be evaluated in the same step so that a control function or online analysis can be performed immediately, and more than one processor can be used in the system for the most demanding applications requiring the highest possible throughput.

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