New Integrated Plant Control System Improves Operating Efficiencies of Plants Using Identical or Non-identical Chillers

Press Release Summary:

  • IPC 9521 systems with advanced operating algorithm reduces energy and water consumption
  • Controls up to five chillers, cooling towers and BAS
  • Features user-friendly screens and predefined communication settings

Original Press Release:

Armstrong Introduces An Enhanced Integrated Plant Control System (IPC 9521) With TowerMax Option

Optimization System Reduces Energy & Water Consumption

Toronto, November 21, 2019 – Armstrong Fluid Technology has introduced the enhanced Design Envelope IPC 9521 Integrated Plant Control System designed to significantly improve the operating efficiencies of plants using either identical or non-identical chillers.

Designed with advanced operating algorithms to reduce energy and water consumption, the TowerMax option is an optimization feature that can help variable speed chiller plants achieve up to 45% energy savings. It compliments both new and existing Building Management Systems (BMS) and works with all brands of chillers and cooling towers to meet the requirements of Green Mark, an industry-leading green building rating system.

“The new IPC 9521 Integrated Plant Control System and the TowerMax option reinforce our 2 by 22 sustainability commitment to provide the most innovative energy-saving solutions possible,” notes Peter Thomsen, Director, Building Systems Solutions. “The combined solution optimizes the entire chiller plant, reduces operating costs and significantly enhances a building’s HVAC system reliability.”

Other features of the Design Envelope IPC 9521 Integrated Plant Control System include:

  • Controls up to five chillers, cooling towers and BAS
  • No limitations on plant size or cooling capacity
  • Pre-programmed and pre-tested for easy installation
  • Drift management capabilities
  • User-friendly screens and predefined communication settings
  • Low installed cost, with upgrade options

The TowerMax option also includes a one-year subscription to Armstrong’s ECO* Pulse™ Performance Management Service. ECO*Pulse maximizes and maintains water and energy savings for the entire plant.

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