New Instant Drivers License Verification System Powered by Advanced API Technology Developed in U.S.A.

BUFFALO, New York, February 6 -- World DLA, a leading edge provider of endpoint authentication solutions, released a technical new overview today of its proprietary, patent pending Application Program Interface (API) technology that provides "real time" driver's license verification information.

The unique service generates a basic "yes" or "no" driver's license validation answer in just seconds - as opposed to days - and it is expected to be an extremely effective fraud prevention tool. It costs only US$2.00 per enquiry versus up to US$15.00 per enquiry for other services. No driver's license client data is retained, cached or stored, providing the industry's highest degree of Privacy Act compliance and identity protection.

The highly sophisticated, state of the art World DLA Application Program Interface (API) manages and controls the driver's license validation system.

World DLA commissioned two highly experienced, professional and innovative IT firms - Shatter I.T. Global Services and The PCA Group of Buffalo, New York - to work closely together to develop the unique patent pending technology into a fast, reliable, easy to use, cost effective and secure driver's license verification system.

The finished World DLA API System is accurate and secure, while flexible enough to allow for new applications, functionalities, components and changes. The World DLA API System delivers a set of protocols to clients that allows a seamless interface with the World DLA API and integrates with existing systems from data providers and clients. Clients can access the system through several methods - including on-line, client software, card reader terminals, telephone and system tray applets. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have been established to assure system integrity.


The World DLA API System has been designed to meet both International Standards Organization (ISO) and Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) model standards. World DLA is actively pursuing ISO 9001 registration.

Key technology security features include:

- The ISO model is supported by the integration of Multi-Level Security (MLS) to ensure the highest degree of identity protection and confidence.

- World DLA has addressed security requirements throughout all levels of its system - from its infrastructure, software, hardware and monitoring - to its process and procedures, as defined under ISO standards.

- Security aspects and elements employed: Firewalls, VPNs, 256 bit bi-directional encryption, proprietary key encryption, multi-level authentication, tiered architecture, PCI compliance, 24x7 technical monitoring, data-grade facility with multi-level physical security, data and service replication, disaster avoidance architecture and procedures.

- Tiered operational system isolation, creating separation of front-end technology from back-end billing, payment processing and accounting.

- Integration of MLS across all levels of the OSI model, providing security confidence throughout the system.

- Staged and regular security audits, while providing a continued guarantee of compliance throughout the change management and system scaling process.

- No driver's license client data is retained, cached or stored, thereby providing the highest degree of Privacy Act compliance and identity protection.


World DLA is a U.S. based Delaware incorporated private company based in Buffalo, New York. World DLA is in the business of providing "real time" endpoint authentication solutions - particularly validating drivers' licenses. The company has successfully developed the world's first "real time" driver's license service, utilizing a patent pending technology that helps clients determine quickly, accurately and inexpensively - all in a secure manner - whether a driver's license is valid or not. In response to specific government needs, World DLA is actively pursuing the technological means to incorporate citizenship information into drivers' licenses via magnetic strips. Governmental agencies, car rental agencies, trucking service firms, new and used automotive/truck dealerships, taxi, limousine and courier services are expected to use the service. The price of the service is US$2.00 per enquiry.


Shatter I.T. Global Services is the leading international managed service technology provider; delivering high reliability technology, infrastructure, security and disaster avoidance solutions.


The PCA Group is a leading software development and network integrator.

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