New In-Line Die Cutting System Greatly Increases MSI's Cutting Capacity

For several years MSI has relied on our Preco, a four post in-line die cutting press, to finish the vast majority of high volume jobs that come through our factory. Equipped with a laminating station (for under and over laminates), matrix winder (for stripping waste), and capable of either sheeting or winding roll based parts after being cut, it is the ultimate finishing system. Aside from it's ability to seamlessly consolidate several finishing processes, Preco is also capable of holding tolerances ±.005", using a floating bolster and multiple cameras to read preprinted targets and insure near perfect registration.

MSI's recent addition of second Preco has significantly improved our ability to take on high volume jobs demanding tight cutting tolerances. Also, with the new press modified to heat up, thermally cut vinyl transfers only require a fraction of the labor, therefore having a positive impact on pricing. For more information on how MSI can serve your company's needs please visit or email John Van Beber at

MSI, is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified manufacturer of precision Nameplates, Overlays, UL Labels, Membrane Switches and Insulators for the Original Equipment Manufacturer. The industries we serve are Test and Measurement, Telecommunications, Security, Power Distribution, Medical, Aerospace, Military, Computer and Industrial.

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