New Imaginative Aesthetics by DuPont Corian Design are Available in 15 New Colors of Corian Solid Surface and 10 New Aesthetics for Corian Quartz

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  • Unparalleled collection provides new inspiration to expand global design possibilities for interior spaces and architecture
  • Provides a rich and on-trend palette for consumers, designers and architects to create spaces that are unique to their own design tastes

Original Press Release:

DuPont™ Corian® Design Introduces New, Imaginative Aesthetics that Stimulate New Ideas and Expand Design Possibilities

Twenty-Five Dynamic New Aesthetics Inspired by Nature

Wilmington, Del. (PRWeb) April 01, 2019

DuPont™ Corian® Design introduces a set of bold new aesthetics through its largest color launch ever. The unparalleled collection provides new inspiration to expand global design possibilities for interior spaces and architecture. The new aesthetics will be commercially available as of April 1, 2019.

The 15 new colors of Corian® Solid Surface (five collections: Aggregate, Terrazzo, Linear, Nuwood and Onyx aesthetics) and 10 new aesthetics for Corian® Quartz (six high gloss colors and four with a soft leathered texture) provide a rich and on-trend palette for consumers, designers and architects to create spaces that are unique to their own design tastes.

From a world filled with rich inspiration, Corian® Design has extracted visions from areas as diverse as the forest, mid-century modern design, translucent stone and industrial decor. The aesthetics that have emerged emphasize once again the intention and trend-forward mission of the Corian® Design business and offer unique possibilities for design styles and applications. We are confident that these new aesthetics – resulting from the monitoring of global trends and close interaction with the community of interior design and architecture – will be significantly appreciated worldwide by professionals, furnishing industry and consumers.

New Corian® Solid Surface Collections - Aggregate, Terrazzo, Linear, Nuwood and Onyx

AGGREGATE aesthetic (four new colors) – Aggregate expresses the evolution of industrial aesthetics with four colors and a look that can transition between design styles and applications. Channeling a modern, yet timeless composition, this aesthetic includes four hues: quiet Neutral Aggregate, light gray Ash Aggregate, toned taupe Weathered Aggregate and near-black Carbon Aggregate.

TERRAZZO aesthetic (three new colors) – Inspired by midcentury modern design aesthetics, the Terrazzo collection combines classic backgrounds with angular elements of white, gray, and black. Domino Terrazzo teases the eye as its white background dances with dark particles. Pebble Terrazzo creates a subdued look as its gray ground is embedded with low contrast particles. Basalt Terrazzo is dramatic with its black base and light, contrasting chips. The effect is dimensional, stylish and infinitely applicable for interior spaces.

LINEAR aesthetic (two new colors)– The Linear aesthetic unites sharp and modern qualities into the two new colors of Silver Linear and Sepia Linear. Variegated lines of color streak through a white background and define the new parallel veining in variations of either grays or browns. Applications benefit from the strong presence of the design, which can create uninterrupted lines or be staggered to create a stunning staccato effect.

NUWOOD aesthetic (two new colors)– Classic, familiar, natural and now completely new, Nuwood is inspired by woond, one of nature’s most beautiful materials. But the beauty extends beyond the initial design. Bend it, shape it, carve it, your creativity is boundless with the design options of Corian® Solid Surface. From the richness of Mahogany Nuwood to the sunwashed look of Beech Nuwood, the innovative and inspired Nuwood aesthetic establishes an entirely new way to create with the classic look of wood.

ONYX aesthetic (two new colors)– The new additions to the existing Onyx aesthetic take a bold and colorful leap. They embrace the natural world with the new Jade Onyx and Golden Onyx. The swirling variations of the green or gold colors create depth and energy that is beautiful to behold. Beyond the stunning surface lies another layer of beauty: translucence. Illuminated from above, or from below, Corian® Onyx creates a multi-layered aesthetic for spaces that are classic or contemporary, and is now as colorful as it is unique.

SOLID aesthetic (two new colors)– Verdant and Laguna – the new solid colors – are integral to contemporary living. Verdant is a rich green and slightly toned to ease its harmonizing with muted hues. Laguna celebrates a new direction for blue, clean and simple, and reminiscent of a day spent by sparkling water. They are desirable for residential and commercial applications capturing the spirit of color direction on an international scale.

Corian® Quartz - Six new high gloss colors and four with a soft leathered texture

Corian® Quartz – The new high gloss colors

Beginning with Bianco Pur and Bianco Marmor, crisp white is used as the basis for either a pure color statement, or as the foundation for a flowing marble aesthetic. Oyster Grigio and Geo Grigio display soft, neutral backgrounds with veining and particles coursing through the surface inspired by their geologic origins. Ashen Gray and Slate Geo, respectively, offer light and dark gray colorations that are comprised of restrained veins and quiet movement. The new colors of Corian® Quartz are created to not only enhance a space, but to create environments in which the aesthetics offer superb color and design possibilities beyond their subtle appearence.

Corian® Quartz – The leathered texture aesthetics

The four new aesthetics - Venetia Cream Leathered, Coarse Pepper Leathered, Storm Grey Leathered, Dove Grey Leathered – may seem familiar, and indeed they are. Selected from existing on-trend and superlative Corian® Quartz designs, the new additions add new sheen level and texture to the range. The color and inherent patterns remain, but the new, unique looks introduce a different type of style, as well as increasing design options.

The low-sheen finish emits a quieter beauty that intrigues the eye, and the subtly pebbled texture engages touch, proposing a moment to pause and consider the surroundings.

Corian® Quartz Leathered aesthetics enhance designed environments as different as home, retail, hospitality or office space. The new aesthetics can be used individually to gently advance the design of a space, or be combined with their higher sheen counterparts to create stunning contrasts of sheen and texture.

The Corian® Design business has developed specific documentation introducing the new aesthetics and colors of Corian® Solid Surface and Corian® Quartz. This documentation can be accessed at

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