New IA-3217S-U2i from Online Devices Isolates the Host Computer from Interrupting Factors

Press Release Summary:

IA-3217S-U2i is an isolated USB relay controller featuring 48 channels. Its Transient Voltage Suppressor and low pass filter help in dealing with Factory Floor RFI/EMI Noisy environment. The controller can be transparently chained to share the same power supply, allowing for a latency free, slick, and efficient Monitor and Control System. Controllers are CE, FCC Approved, and ROHS compliant. All IA-3217S-U2i versions are fully software supported with a stocked .Net library and can be mounted by DIN rail or on the wall.

Original Press Release:

New Industrial Grade, 48 channels, Isolated USB relay controller

Online-Devices announces the newest in its product line: A digital I/O industrial controller IA-3217S-U2i, by Intelligent-Appliance, a leading designer and manufacturer of intelligent relay modules, specializing in Industrial Data Acquisition and Control Systems.

This new industrial controller module features 48 channels: 24 relays, capable of handling 5 Amp each and 24 Digital inputs which can handle a wide voltage range of up to 30VDC.

The IA-3127S-U2i version of this I/O Controller includes a Transient Voltage Suppressor on each relay contact, and a low pass filter on each Digital Input, the combination of both provides a complete solution when dealing with Factory Floor RFI/EMI Noisy environment and its effect on performance.

The IA-3127-U2i is controlled by an Isolated USB Port, designed to isolate the host computer from its power supply, thus effectively isolating the host computer from interrupting factors in its immediate environment, such as the factory floor, network wiring etc.

Following the example of the well-known IA-3000 series members, the IA-3127-U2i can be transparently chained, sharing the same Power Supply and resulting in latency free, slick, and efficient Monitor and Control System.

All versions are ready to be both mounted by DIN rail or to be wall mounted.

Like all Intelligent Appliance products, all versions of the IA-3127-U2i modules are up to the highest standards - CE, FCC Approved, ROHS compliant.

The IA-3127-U2i, like all other Intelligent-Appliance modules, is fully software supported with a stocked .Net library, various open source examples, and software utilities which are thoughtfully designed to make the integration and implementation of this module into the desired application as quick and easy as possible.

The new IA-3127-U2i module is joining the wide verity of feature rich, user friendly, and intelligent industrial relay boards developed and manufactured by Intelligent Appliance.

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