New Hybrid Fluid Technology for Precision Automotive Components

Cincinnati, Ohio - CIMCOOL® Fluid Technology, the leader in metalworking innovation, announced the release of a new lubricant technology for machining and grinding of hard metals. These new CIMTECH® synthetic fluids feature synergistic lubricant blends that provide huge increases in productivity without the use of chlorine or other high levels of extreme pressure additives. CIMCOOL delivers significant cost reductions from the higher production rates these fluids can provide.

More production and lower cost per part coupled with environmentally responsible fluids gives significant advantages to customers concerned with being competitive. With unique hybrid blends, including patented Milacron lubricants, only CIMCOOL can provide customers with these innovative fluids. Customers with heavy duty performance requirements looking to eliminate chlorine from their operations now have options never before available.

"We have developed something that is completely new and unique to the industry," said Tina Hunter, Automotive Product Manager. "These fluids work best when really pushed to the limit. The tougher the operation, the better results we see." Tina continued, "The performance of these fluids is significantly better. They have outperformed some popular heavy duty, sulfo-chlorinated oils by up to 300%. This is a huge jump in technology."

CIMCOOL's new Hybrid Fluid Technology products include:

CIMTECH® 627 - A synthetic fluid used in heavy-duty machining and grinding of exotic alloys, this water-based fluid performs best at high speeds and feeds where conventional fluids fail. With better lubricity than sulfo-chlorinated soluble oils, CIMTECH 627 offers up to 65% savings compared to conventional competitive fluids.

CIMTECH® 609-E - This water-based fluid exhibits reduced chatter, decreased wheel loading, excellent finish and more machine uptime. CIMTECH 609-E is used for hard metal valve grinding and can provide more productivity compared to competitive soluble oils. Customer-documented results show a 52% lower cost per part.

CIMTECH® 610 - A unique blend of patented Milacron Synthetic Lubricants (MSL®) makes this perfect for titanium and other hard metals. Significantly lower cutting forces provide tool savings up to 200% making this one of the best fluids for ferrous metals CIMCOOL has ever developed. This fluid performs best at high speeds and feeds where conventional fluids fail and does not contain chlorine, sulfur or phosphorus. It can also be used on aluminum alloys as well.

CIMTECH® 612NF - This water-based synthetic is the best CIMCOOL has ever developed for machining high-silicon aluminum alloys, with excellent machining and tapping capabilities. Dramatically lower cutting forces improve tool life and finish even in operations with extreme speeds and feeds. This fluid can be used on some ferrous grinding and machining applications. It does not contain chlorine, sulfur or phosphorus.

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