New Honey Jars from Fillmore Join the Muth and Glass Honey Bear Jar Lines

Press Release Summary:

  • Offered in classic honey, queenline honey, and skep (hive) jars models
  • Available in ½, 1 and 2 pound options these classic honey jars and queenline honey jars have wider bottom and narrower bottom respectively
  • Skep jars are available in 3 oz., and 12 oz. sizes whereas muth honey jars are in 4 oz., 8 oz. and 16 oz. sizes

Original Press Release:

Fillmore Container Expands Honey Jar Line

Lancaster, PA – January 24, 2020 - Fillmore Container is expanding its honey jar offerings with the addition of new Classic Honey, Queenline Honey, and Skep (Hive) Jars and lids. These expanded lines join the Muth and Glass Honey Bear Jar lines.

Fillmore Container’s Classic Honey Jars feature a wider bottom, which adds to the stability of the jars. These jars have a narrower shoulder which allows for honey bubbles to rise to the top. The Classic Honey Jars are available in ½ pound, 1 pound and 2 pound options, as well as lids to match each size.

Queenline Honey Jars are similar to the classic honey jar. The jars have a wider top and a slightly narrower bottom. Fillmore Container carries ½ pound queenline, 1 pound queenline, and 2 pound queenline jars, as well as lids to match each size.

In addition to the newly expanded Classic and Queenline jars, Fillmore Container has added a new size to its Skep (Hive) Jar line. The Skep (Hive) Jar sides feature a ridged glass pattern. The front and back of the jar provide a flat surface for labeling. The Skep (Hive) Jars are available in 3 oz., and 12 oz. sizes, and a few lid color options. The jar can be used for more than honey and are also a popular container for candle, bath & body products.

The Muth Honey Jars are available in 4 oz., 8 oz. and 16 oz. sizes. These jars are a beautiful replica of the old-fashioned square honey jars used by Charles Muth, one of the largest honey sellers in the 1800′s. Not only will the product look lovely, but once the honey is gone the bottle can serve as a keepsake and decorative piece. Fillmore Container carries the cork stoppers used to cap the bottles.

In addition to Fillmore Container’s selection of honey jars, they also offer quality Beech Wood Honey Dippers. The dipper serves as a sweet accessory or party favor and features a small bulb on the handle to aid in handling. The dipper is 6” long with a honey bulb diameter of 1 1/8th inch.

Classic Honey Jars

Queenline Jars

Skep (Hive) Jars

Muth Jars

Cork Stoppers

The Beech Wood Honey Dipper is available for purchase via Fillmore Container:

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