New Generation of Long-Wearing, Lubrication-Free CAM Followers Replace Metal Units to Reduce Rail Damage in Medical, Packaging and Processing Equipment

Closter, NJ: Rugged, high-performance, lubricant-free composite I-CAM® cam followers, available from Intech Corporation, replace conventional metal cam followers to eliminate metal-to-metal contact -the leading cause of damage to steel and aluminum rails in medical, packaging and processing equipment.

I-CAM cam followers feature high load, precision machined composite tires installed onto ball bearings in a proprietary thermal technology process. The self-lubricating, maintenance-free tire composite material is capable of carrying high static and dynamic loads.

The heavy-duty, maintenance-free I-CAM cam provides very low rolling resistance and linear speeds that are higher than those offered by the metal cam followers they replace.

Unique performance characteristics enable the long-wearing I-CAM composite tire to protect the rail from wear, reduce noise by over 10dB and absorb shock and vibrations. In addition, I-CAM cam followers' composite tire provides excellent electrical insulation and high performance even in sub-zero temperatures.

I-CAM cam followers can be cross-referenced dimensionally to other metal cam followers and the load capacity is calculated for each size.

Intech engineers developed an industry-unique load calculation for the I-Cam followers during a three year study at a leading university. The result of the calculation is the load capacity and expected number of rollover cycles.

In addition to the I-CAM cam followers, Intech Corporation offers a line of standard and custom guide rollers, pulleys and gears constructed of the same self-lubricating material in a variety of sizes and shapes. Intech engineers are available to assist with proper size selection or technical input for custom applications.

For more information, please contact Mr. Georg Bartosch: Intech Corporation; 250 Herbert Avenue; Closter, NJ 07624; Tel: (201) 767-7797;

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I-CAM®, a new generation of long-wearing, lubrication-free, heavy duty cam followers available from Intech Corporation, replaces conventional metal cam followers with a self-lubricating composite structure that eliminates metal-to-metal contact - the leading source of premature rail wear and damage in equipment for clean room, medical, packaging and processing applications.

For additional information please contact:
Agency contact: Gail Steckler

Mr. Georg Bartosch
Intech Corporation
250 Herbert Avenue
Closter, NJ 07624
(201) 767-8066

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