New Fsc Custom Color Lcd Display Technology Provides Sharper Color Contrast, Faster Response Time and at a Lower Cost Then Tft Lcd Modules

CHANDLER, Arizona -Focus Display Solutions, a leader in custom LCD design solutions, is launching its FSC Color LCD display module The new display technology is designed to provide product manufactures with the following advantages:

o Lower cost than older TFT and CSTN color display technologies.

o Contrast (sharpness) that is twice that of TFT technology.

o Response time (time required for the display to change) that is 10x faster than a TFT and 30x is faster than a STN display.

o Estimated tooling cost is less than 80% that of a custom TFT module.
o Lower power requirements than a LED display.

o Operating temperature range of 0C to +70C.

The "FSC Color LCD display", also identified as a Field Sequential Display, allows OEM's the ability to design the customer interface around the LCD module. In the past, manufacturers have been forced to design their product around the display. With the FSC technology, the LCD module is built to the size you need.

"We offer design services based in the United States," said Scott Cale, LCD design support for Focus Displays. "OEM manufacturers can move from concept to production of a custom color FSC LCD in less than 12 weeks."

About Focus Display Solutions:
Focus Display Solutions plays an integrated role in our OEM customer's supply chain by providing proactive support throughout the product lifecycle. Focus Display Solutions provides design assistance with custom LCD modules, process flow, US based inventory solutions, and shipment of the customers LCD modules. This includes both color modules, and monochrome LCD modules such as FSTN, STN, TN.

Focus Display is located in Chandler, AZ and has been supporting OEM manufacturers for ten years.

Sadie Dachs

Director of public relations

[email protected]

Focus Display Solutions Inc.


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