New FlushAway Stool Collector Reduces Specimen Contamination and Sample Exposure Risks

Press Release Summary:

  • Simplifies the sample collection procedure while reducing potential complications
  • Water-soluble board stock is flushable and environmentally sustainable
  • Increases safety and efficiency of lifesaving colorectal screening procedures

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Smartsolve Board Stock Provides Infection Protection

Despite the importance of preventative colorectal cancer screenings, there are still many unpleasant patient experiences throughout the testing process.

  • Traditional stool collection procedures often neglect suggested hygiene practices.
  • Complications can easily arise during the process, through specimen contamination or other means which will compromise the specimen’s accuracy
  • The overall process of sample collection is rather unpleasant given the nature of procuring a stool sample

To resolve these issues, SmartSolve water-soluble board stock provides an environmentally sustainable solution with the FlushAway Single-Use Stool Collector™

Importance and Risks of Screenings

The process of colorectal screening – or checking healthy people for cancer – may seem simple, but it is often fraught with complexity and uncertainty. Some testing, for instance, may not only be invasive and uncomfortable but may also harm the patient in the process. Many individuals are hesitant to take the preventative plunge which may be why colon cancer kills nearly 50,000 Americans each year. The medical community understands that early screening could prevent a great number of these deaths, so they continue to search for new methods to improve the comprehensive screening process and its effectiveness.

For example, in one study, researchers tracked a group of nearly 89,000 individuals for approximately 22 years. Throughout the duration of this study, researchers discovered that individuals who participated in routine screenings, including colonoscopy, were 56% less likely to develop colon cancer than those who did not receive screenings. Another experiment concluded that individuals who participate in yearly stool sample reviews are 32% less likely to develop colon cancer than patients who opt for standard medical care.

Despite the lifesaving benefits of bowel cancer screenings for patients, current collection methods can place healthcare professionals at risk. Traditional sample methods can expose workers to dangerous pathogens and bacteria which can lead to infections and serious illness. Additional complications, such as specimen contamination or incomplete samples, can even require longer, more elaborate collection procedures. The overall colorectal screening process is generally renowned for being unpleasant for all parties involved.

Benefits of FlushAway Stool Collector

After identifying many of these challenges, SmartSolve has collaborated with McCormack Innovations to go beyond the traditional colorectal screening process. Through this collaboration, they have created the FlushAway Stool Collector, an easy to use device that resolves many of these issues:

  • Reduces specimen contamination and sample exposure risks
  • Simplifies the sample collection procedure while reducing potential complications
  • Water-soluble board stock is flushable and environmentally sustainable
  • Unique design will accommodate both hospital and residential sample collection

By assembling the device according to the instructions, patients can form the collection dish and place it directly in the toilet. They can then take their specimen sample and simply flush the devise and its contents away once the stool is collected.

This product is currently designed to fit European facilities; however, a new design will soon be released to accommodate American plumbing standards. The FlushAway Stool Collector by SmartSolve increases the safety and efficiency of lifesaving colorectal screening procedures.

If you would like to learn more about this product or other bio-based water-soluble solutions, contact SmartSolve today.

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