New Flexitouch Plus from Tactile Medical is a Medical Device Used for Treating Lymphedema

Press Release Summary:

Available commercially, Flexitouch Plus is the third-generation medical device from Tactile Medical. Key enhancements in the latest offering include a color display featuring an intuitive user interface, ability to create and save preset therapy programs, capability to complete bilateral therapy in less time, improved fit, comfort, and coverage, and ease of use for patients.

Original Press Release:

Tactile Medical Launches Next-Generation Flexitouch System: Flexitouch Plus

MINNEAPOLIS, April 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tactile Systems Technology, Inc. (“Tactile Medical”) (Nasdaq:TCMD), a medical technology company focused on developing medical devices for the treatment of chronic diseases at home, today announced that its latest-generation Flexitouch system, the Flexitouch Plus, is now commercially available throughout the United States for the treatment of lymphedema. In June 2017, the Company announced U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) clearance for the Flexitouch Plus, and the Company recently completed its limited market release of the system.

Flexitouch Plus is the third generation of the Company’s Flexitouch system and features several key enhancements over prior generations. Specifically, the Flexitouch Plus system’s controller has been enhanced with a color display featuring an intuitive user interface and the ability to create and save preset therapy programs. The system’s enhanced controller also enables patients to treat two legs simultaneously, allowing them to complete bilateral therapy in less time. Additionally, the Flexitouch Plus system’s garments have been redesigned to provide improved fit, comfort and coverage and to allow patients to more easily put them on and take them off.

“I am pleased to announce the full commercial launch of our new Flexitouch system, Flexitouch Plus, following the success of our limited market release,” said Gerald R. Mattys, Chief Executive Officer of Tactile Medical. “The design of this next-generation system was influenced by feedback obtained from our patient and clinician customers and was developed with the goal of enhancing the overall user experience. Based upon the positive reception we received during our limited market release, we believe we have designed a system that will allow our patients to treat their lymphedema more easily and efficiently. With this in mind, we look forward to providing Flexitouch Plus to patients across the U.S., helping them better manage their lymphedema symptoms at home.”

About Tactile Medical

Tactile Medical is a leader in developing and marketing at-home therapy devices that treat chronic swelling conditions such as lymphedema and chronic venous insufficiency. Tactile Medical’s Mission is to help people suffering from chronic diseases live better and care for themselves at home. The Company’s unique offering includes advanced, clinically proven pneumatic compression devices, as well as continuity of care services provided by a national network of product specialists and trainers, reimbursement experts, patient advocates and clinicians. This combination of products and services ensures that tens of thousands of patients annually receive the at-home treatment necessary to better manage their chronic conditions. Tactile Medical takes pride in the fact that our solutions help increase clinical efficacy, reduce overall healthcare costs and improve the quality of life for patients with chronic conditions.

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