New Expanded Jar Product Line Broadens Rexam's Range of Stock Packaging Solutions

New Expanded Jar Product Line Broadens Rexam's Range of Stock Packaging Solutions

Rexam, the global consumer packaging company and the world's leading beverage can maker, adds a new innovation to its product portfolio with the launch of its Expanded Jar Product Line. The Expanded Jar line offers the quality features of injection moulding, at a price point lower than that of comparable blow-moulded packages. The line - which has applications in personal care, pharmaceutical, food, pet care, and powdered supplements - makes use of a patented technology created by Rexam's Delta Division.

Three basic cost parameters make the line attractive as compared with extrusion blow moulded or injection stretch blow molded jars.
1. Injection moulding makes use of a lowercost material than do blow moulding processes.
2. It requires less material.
3. This method of jar production is faster and more efficient than current blow moulding, while yielding jars with a higher quality look and feel.

"The injection moulding process is much more precise than that of the blow moulding technology that is currently available, says Kurt Nyberg, Director of Sales and Marketing for Rexam Delta. Injection moulding, Nyberg says, produces tighter fitting closures, consistent wall thickness, greater sheen, and sharper lines. The jar walls are expanded outward, so that the cap fits flush against the jar. When manufactured with clarified PP, the contact clarity rivals that of PET jars. "It's an exciting new innovation for us," Nyberg says.

The Expanded Jar line will be available in seven sizes. Two diameters (71mm and 87mm) will be offered. Customization opportunities exist for this new jar technology for mass market applications. Closures can be lined with any available lining material. Potential applications include hair care products, healthcare and skin care creams, skincare pads, powdered products (such as laxatives), gels, vitamins, wood putty and paint sampling, soup bases, and pet supplies.

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