New Ergonomic High-Visibility Wheel Chock

Aldon Company, Inc. of Waukegan, Illinois has improved upon its standard railroad wheel chock with the new Ergonomic High-Visibility Wheel Chock. If you have a long line of rail cars, a conventional shorthandle wheel chock may not stick out far enough to be easily seen. the Ergonomic High-Visibility Wheel Chock extends the handle to 48" for greater visibility. The worker stays clear of the rail car body and wheel when placing or removing the chock. The new wheel chock features Aldon's time-proven steel-spurred cast steel chock in both single and double chock styles. The wheel chock is also offered for flush rail or exposed rail. Aldon's wheel chocks fit all standard railroad T-rail and block wheel diameters from 28" to 42".

For more information on the Ergonomic High-Visibility Wheel Chock and other Aldon rail dock safety products, contact:

3410 Sunset Avenue | Waukegan, Illinois 60087
Fax: 847.623.6139

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