NEW Energy Cost Calculator Highlights Efficiency of the Rollo-Mixer Batch Mixer

Continental's NEW Energy Cost Calculator allows you to identify major energy savings with the Rollo-Mixer

June 4, 2010 Milwaukee, WI - Continental Products Corp. introduces a new energy costs calculator to their web site. The energy calculator was developed to showcase just how much more energy efficient the Continental Rollo-Mixer is compared to other batch mixing and coating equipment. For example, when comparing the Rollo-Mixer to a ribbon mixer, the energy cost is typically 80% less with the Continental Rollo-Mixer batch mixer.

All you have to do is enter your mixer's horsepower, operating hours per year, and your cost per kilowatt hour and the calculator will give you the annual energy cost per year for that machine. You will be surprised at the amount of money you can save with the Rollo-Mixer®. Try it now!

Compare your current annual energy costs with that of an identical sized Rollo-Mixer® and analyze the enormous energy savings with the Rollo-Mixer®. For example, our customer in Massachusetts replaced a 12,000 lb capacity ribbon mixer requiring 100 Hp with a 12,000 lb capacity Rollo-Mixer® requiring only 20 Hp. Not only did they save $29,978 annually, but they also received a rebate check from their energy company for $48,000.

Our customers can quickly recover the capital costs of their Rollo-Mixers® with energy savings alone! The Rollo-Mixer has been "green" from the time it was invented in 1960. Over the years, Continental has manufactured these giant rotary drum batch mixers for a variety of industries. Including; 37,000 lb batches of animal health products, 34,000 lbs. of refractory blends, 32,000 lbs. of soy polymer powders, 28,000 lbs. of Magnesium Oxide blends and 22,000 lbs. of plastic pellets. Companies are able to test the Rollo-Mixer in a 10 cu ft capacity machine and scale up their process 1:1 from pilot tests to production runs.

These companies realize major manufacturing savings and quick return on investment in the areas of: quality control testing, less material handling, less batching time and major horsepower savings.

Continental Products manufactures the "Rollo-Mixer"®, a rotary drum batch mixer, which is well known for its uniform blending as well as precision liquid addition capabilities - "Free-Fall Processing"®. The Rollo-Mixer is used in mixing, blending and coating application in a wide variety of industries throughout the world.

The Continental Rollo-Mixer ® is a Rotary Drum Batch Blender that uniformly blends ingredients having a wide variance in particle size, density, and proportions, typically in only 6 to 9 revolutions. Product moves by gravity in all planes. The gentle, low-shear, fast-mixing, positive displacement action creates continuous rivers of material which course into and flow through one another in a random confluence. This Rollo-Mixer® achieves uniformity in 2 to 3 minutes, utilizing the least amount of energy per ton in the industry. The Continental rotary drum batch mixer is available in 4 designs and over 125 models, ranging from 3.5 to 1600 ft3 capacity.

For 50 years, Continental Products has been working directly with our customers in all aspects from testing, engineering, manufacturing, and start-up, to service, consulting and technical support. Continental's customers are among the leading manufacturers in their industries, setting new standards of quality and consistency while utilizing Continental's mixing and coating technology. Our test facility is equipped with a variety of Rollo-Mixer® test models, liquid spray systems and heating and cooling capabilities.

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