New Electronic Materials to be Debuted at Productronica 2011 in Munich

Henkel solutions address miniaturization, sustainability and cost-efficiency in modern electronics

As the functionality of modern electronics products has increased exponentially in tandem with decreasing dimensions, the demands on performance and reliability of electronic materials have reached an unprecedented level. Today's electronic materials - spanning nearly all market sectors - must deliver on consumer performance expectations while also ensuring environmental responsibility and lower costs. Addressing these challenges, Henkel has developed a range of innovations which it will debut from stand 263 in hall 4 at Pro-ductronica, taking place from 15th to 18th November in Munich, Germany.

Environmental responsibility is a central issue for electronics manufacturers, with halogen-free processing a key component of ecoconscious operations. Henkel has developed two new halogen-free solder products that satisfy sustainability initiatives while sacrificing nothing in the way of performance. The first material, MULTICORE HF200, is a lead-free, zero-halogen solder paste that offers all of the reliability, processability, low voiding performance and humidity resistance of previous-generation products but does so in a zero-halogen formulation. Its performance has been proven in multiple soldering processes including handheld applications. The second, Henkel's MULTICORE MF390HR halogen-free, no-clean flux, delivers the high activity required for advanced wave soldering operations. With exceptional through-hole penetration, minimal residues and a sustained performance that enables a broad process window, this flux system has been successfully applied in automotive processes but is also ideal for consumer electronics applications in the handheld (telecommunications) sector.

Designed with the industrial electronics market in mind, Henkel has developed a pair of breakthrough electrically conductive adhesive (ECA) technologies that overcome many of the shortcomings of competitive materials. ABLESTIK ICP-3535M1 is a single component ECA that enables manufacturers to incorporate lower cost tin-terminated components, thus delivering a cost-effective, lead-free, high reliability assembly. The material has excellent electrical and adhesion stability, no bleeding or wicking on miniaturized components and can be cured quickly at low temperature. For automotive applications where both high flexibility and excellent conductivity are required, Henkel has designed the first-ever high-end conductive silicone adhesive technology. In fact, ABLESTIK ICP-4000 has already been qualified and is being used for automotive sensor products where components are bonded to metal leadframes inside plastic housings. Historically, the CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion) mismatch between the metal and the plastic has introduced damaging stress to the device. But, Henkel's conductive silicone technology is able to absorb this stress, maintain the bond and deliver the electrical interconnect between the component and the leadframe.

Henkel's comprehensive portfolio of underfills has also been complemented by a new materials development which delivers on an unprecedented array of complex and demanding requirements. The new HYSOL underfill is a halogen free, reworkable epoxy capillary underfill with a high Tg (glass transition temperature). This material is designed for CSP and BGA devices and is particularly well suited for handheld communication and entertainment applications. It cures quickly at moderate temperatures to minimize stress to other components and, when cured, provides excellent mechanical stress protection for solder joints. This high Tg underfill also provides enhanced thermal cycling performance for small pitch wafer level chip scale packages (WLCSPs) unattainable with other low Tg reworkable underfills. The unique formulation offers superb reworkability while maintaining excellent drop and thermal cycling protection.

All of these latest materials advances will be showcased from Henkel's stand, 263 in hall 4, at Productronica in Munich, Germany, from November 15th to 18th. Technical experts will be on-hand to discuss how these innovations can help enable more efficient, high reliability and environmentally friendly processes. Show delegates are invited to visit Henkel anytime throughout the four-day event.

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