New Electrical Marking Head from Borries Features Height Sensor for Automatic Fine Positioning

Press Release Summary:

  • Marks characters with height of down to 0.3 mm and can mark Data Matrix Code or clear text
  • Available with 350 marking machine and optional on 322 marking machine and meets EN 9132 and ATA SPEC2000 standards
  • Features intuitive WINDOWS® software, integrated vision systems and less than <3µ accuracy

Original Press Release:

Making Small Marks with High Precision

Miniaturized markings marked with high precision on various work pieces, materials and surfaces are no longer standard prerequisites of only the aerospace industry. Other sectors are catching on. And Borries Marking Systems has now the solution for this increasing demand.

Traceability and liability

Because of legislative requirements on product liability and subsequent quality assurance measures the significance of unambiguous, direct and lasting marking of products and components is increasing. And this is not about a type plate on the housing of a gearbox. Liability can't stop when the parts get smaller. Every single bit and piece of evermore complex machines, down to the smallest nut and washer can become a liability factor, hence requires exact identification. 

Where the limits of physics are being pushed the demand for precisely marked and still readable, miniature characters is on a rise. To meet these challenges Borries Marking Systems offers now a new special electrical marking head that has been designed to mark characters with a height of down to 0.3 mm. It’s extremely high precision is combined with the usual quality and robustness Borries' marking machines are known for throughout different industries.

New high precision electro-marking head

  • Capable of marking Data Matrix Code or clear text
  • Contains height sensor for automated fine positioning eliminates work piece tolerances
  • Long-term precision (<3µ accuracy) and stability with minimum maintenance
  • Meets EN 9132 requirements for dot-peened DataMatrix codes and the ATA SPEC2000 „direct part marking guideline“
  • Intuitive WINDOWS® software
  • Integrated vision system (optional)
  • Standard on the 350 and now also optional with our popular 322 marking machine

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