New ECOtek Waterjet Abrasives from BARTON International are Mined and Manufactured in the United States

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The BARTON 80STL and the BARTON 80MGS abrasives are engineered to meet internal grading, health, safety, and environmental standards. The naturally occuring staurolite in BARTON 80STL offers a density and hardness similar to garnet and is suitable for all waterjet applications. The BARTON 80MGS is a synthetic olivine abrasive suitable for less demanding waterjet applications. 

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BARTON International Introduces New Line of ECOtek™ Waterjet Abrasives

GLENS FALLS, N.Y., March 28, 2018 — BARTON International, a global leader in garnet abrasives, has introduced its new line of economical, domestically sourced ECOtek™ Waterjet Abrasives to the waterjet cutting market in North America.

BARTON's general purpose ECOtek line was developed to meet growing demand in the waterjet cutting industry for lower-cost abrasives.ECOtek includes two proven BARTON products for waterjet cutting: (1) BARTON 80 STL, which became available in summer 2017, and (2) BARTON 80 MGS, introduced in late 2017. BARTON secured new sources for these ECOtek abrasives in the wake of India's November 2016 garnet mining and export restrictions. 

Unlike the current situation with Indian garnet, BARTON's ECOtek abrasives have reliable sources of supply because BARTON 80 STL and BARTON 80 MGS are mined and milled right here in the U.S. Both ECOtek abrasives are engineered to meet BARTON’s demanding safety and performance standards. 

BARTON 80 STL is a naturally occurring mineral — staurolite — produced from a one-of-a-kind mining and milling process in Florida. Staurolite has a density and hardness similar to garnet and is suitable for virtually all waterjet applications, BARTON 80 MGS, sourced in Oregon, is a synthetic olivine abrasive well-suited to less demanding waterjet cutting applications.

BARTON 80 STL and 80 MGS meet the same strict standards for grading, health, safety, and environmental compliance as its garnet abrasives. As with all its products, BARTON stands behind ECOtek Waterjet Abrasives with its 100 percent quality guarantee.

About BARTON International

A family-owned business for six generations, BARTON International was founded in 1878. BARTON is one of the world's largest producers/distributors of industrial garnet grains and powders for diverse applications, such as waterjet cutting, sandblasting, bonded and coated abrasives, and specialty grinding media. BARTON provides high-performance HPX® Adirondack Garnet and HPA® alluvial garnet and ECOtek mineral abrasives. We are the industry’s most comprehensive selection of replacement parts for abrasive waterjet cutting equipment, and offer exclusive products to the waterjet industry, such as the BART® for abrasive removal, HYDROBLOC® bricks, and the TRIDENT® Diamond Cutting Head. BARTON's full line of Mil-Spec and CARB-approved garnet blasting abrasives provide superior safety and maximum productivity for all industrial applications.

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