New e-SV Line Is the Result of a Unique ITT RCW Global Collaboration Initiative

Italian/American Teams Lead The Way

MORTON GROVE, Illinois - The successful development of the new e-SV line of stainless steel, vertical multi-stage pumps was made possible by a unique collaboration of ITT Residential Commercial Water (RCW) teams around the globe working together to develop a more energy-efficient, standardized product line.

The quest began in 2008 when Voice of the Customer (VOC) surveys clearly indicated that commercial and light industrial pump users worldwide were looking for vertical, multi-stage pumps that are more energy-efficient, easier to service and maintain, offer significantly lower lifecycle costs, and have standardized replacement parts they could source at various locations around the world.

Traditionally, manufacturers develop new products by specific brands or geographical regions and when the products are subsequently adapted to other brands or regions, the replacement parts aren't always compatible. This presents a problem for global companies that source products for their projects and facilities around the world.

"Our overriding goal from the beginning was to develop a truly global pump line using standardized parts that can be sourced anywhere in the world to produce the highest energy efficient product in its class," said Chris Preston, Global Project Manager, ITT RCW. "Given the various technical requirements and regulations in countries around the world, this presented a number of challenges."

ITT overcame these challenges by creating a global initiative that focused on several key areas:

o Creation of a Global e-SV Development Team headed by Chris Preston that included nearly 100 people located at ITT facilities throughout Europe, Asia, USA, and the Middle East. Preston traveled every two weeks from ITT Goulds in New York to the ITT Lowara facility in Italy where the pump was being designed and prototypes manufactured. The Engineering and Marketing teams
at Goulds and Lowara collaborated on the design and development. Overall,
the Global project team in China, Europe, India, Asia and the U.S. invested
more than 30,000 hours from inception to completion.

o Developing a global engineering platform that creates technical documentation,
drawings and specifications for use in every region of the world (50Hz and
60Hz, DIN and ANSI, multiple languages, country specific standards, etc.).
Traditionally, new product development is done to the specifications and
language of the country where it is being designed and/or manufactured and
then it is adapted market-by-market. This is a very costly and time-consuming
process to duplicate in each new market.

o Working with the leading machinery builder in Italy to create customized, state-
of-the-art machinery necessary to build a world-class pump. A significant
investment was made to create customized automated robotic machines, dies
and tools. Special features such as laser-welding equipment for the impeller
and diffuser were created just for this product line.

o Reconfiguring the manufacturing process to allow one standard assembly and
testing procedure globally to ensure product consistency. Automated
performance testing of all pumps will maintain superior quality for the customer.

o ITT Lowara is a well-established leader in the research and development of
stainless steel pumps throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East. ITT Goulds
is a leader in the U.S. in the design and manufacturing of vertical, multi-stage
pumps. By combining the expertise and strengths of both business units, ITT
was able to develop a unique stainless steel, vertical multi-stage pump.

The result of this extensive global initiative is the creation of a world-class pump that provides the highest operating efficiency in its class. It features an innovative hydraulic design and efficiency characteristics that significantly lower lifecycle costs, dramatically increase energy savings and provide superior NPSHr levels. In addition, the all-stainless steel construction and NSF certification allow the e-SV pump to meet municipalities' requirements for pure water while providing superior corrosion resistance.

"The introduction of the e-SV is the latest in ITT's ongoing commitment to environmental responsibility," said Ken Napolitano, President, ITT Residential & Commercial Water. " During the past five years we have cut back overall energy consumption by 31 percent, decreased intensity of electricity consumption by 33 percent, lowered concentration of greenhouse gas by 51 percent, and eased water use for production processes and employees by 27 percent. We are honored to have Newsweek magazine recognize our efforts by naming us the #1 green industrial company in 2009."

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