New DuraLabel Supplies Meet British Standards for Ocean Vessels

Portland, OR - British Maritime Standard 5609 is tough-almost as tough as the oceanic conditions it helps protect against. Now transoceanic shippers of chemicals and other hazardous materials can trust that the label supplies from industry leaders DuraLabel meet the rigorous British standard.

DuraLabel chemical labeling supplies were certified for British Maritime Standard 5609 marine immersion by Smithers Pira, a worldwide authority on packaging, paper and print industry supply chains. For tankers and other vessels transporting and handling chemicals in any quantity, the BS 5609 certification provides one of the most credible and secure standards and assurance that signs and labels identifying these hazardous chemicals will not fail due to chemical and/or saltwater exposure.

Smithers Pira, established in 1930, subjected the marine label tape to artificial weathering and tested for abrasion resistance, adhesion and durability of print including fading, color changes and symbol identification. Labels were printed with red and black symbols and text, using premium resin ribbons.

DuraLabel labeling systems are also compliant with OSHA's HazCom 2012 and the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) labeling requirements for both domestic and international chemical transportation respectively. GHS states that any time a chemical travels over international waters the label is required to be BS 5609 compliant.

The need for BS 5609-compliant labeling is significant: The United States, Japan and Greece own and operate many of the vessels that handle dangerous chemicals, oil and oil-derived products. These large vessels are a more efficient than land transport when it comes to transporting substantial volumes of chemicals. And crews from these vessels rely on the international GHS standard to communicate hazards associated with their cargo.

"Barge shipment of product becomes meaningful when we recognize that it would take a fleet of more than 125 tank trucks to haul the 5,000,000 pounds of ammonia product carried by a single barge," said George C. Briley, president of San Antonio, Texas-based Technicold Services, who has been involved in the marine transport of petrochemical products since the 1960s.

"This is a huge benefit we can pass on to our maritime customers around the globe," said Andy Sobiesczyk, senior product research assistant with Graphic Products, Inc., makers of the DuraLabel labeling system. "Not only are our customers receiving a label that will withstand saltwater sprays and accidental contact with chemicals, but they can have peace of mind knowing that crew members will know how to respond if a chemical hazard is detected."

Besides labeling hazardous materials, DuraLabel applications include pipe marking, OSHA safety standards, arc flash, wayfinding, lockout/tagout, mine safety, wire marking, barcoding and floor marking. Every DuraLabel printer purchase includes a three-year warranty, DuraSuite label creation software and free technical support for life. DuraLabel has also introduced code compliant labeling supplies for BoldGlo phosphorescent tapes, health & safety labels, valve tags and premium ribbons.

Graphic Products manufactures a broad spectrum of industrial labeling equipment for global companies such as, Boeing, Intel and Toyota. With more than 50 types of labeling supplies, Graphic Products, Inc. helps companies solve communication problems in the toughest industrial environments. For more information, visit

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