New DSE Series Features 36 to 75V Input Voltage Range

Press Release Summary:

  • Supports PMBus protocol for communications to power modules
  • Features DOSA digital interface and provides 95.5% efficiency (12Vout)
  • Ideal for telecommunications, industrial and test equipment applications

Original Press Release:

1/8th Brick DC-DC Converters Deliver PMBus Standard Support for Advanced Communication and Control

Murata has launched its DSE Series, a fully isolated, 12Vout, 400W eighth brick DC-DC converter with a DOSA compliant digital interface to support the PMBus standard for communication and control. The Series has a droop load sharing option for paralleling up to three modules in some of the most power demanding applications. Further, the series meets the international TNV standard for Input Voltage with a 36-75Vin range and provides 2250Vdc isolation for use in Power over Ethernet (PoE) applications.


  • DOSA digital interface
  • 36 to 75V Input voltage range
  • 95.5% efficiency (12Vout)
  • 2250Vdc I/O isolation
  • Passive Droop Load Sharing (optional)
  • DOSA (Distributed Power Open Standard Alliance) footprint
  • Three pin/function configurations available:
    o   Full PMBus with Sense & Trim Pins
    o   No PMBus with Sense & Trim Pins
    o   5 Pin Bus converter, No Sense & Trim Pins


  • Supports the PMBus protocol for communications to power modules
  • Can connect 2 or more converters in parallel for demanding applications
  • Provides redundancy in high reliability applications
  • Baseplate included on all variants for optimal thermal performance


  • Power over Ethernet applications
  • Wireless pre-amplifiers and networking equipment
  • Telecommunications, industrial and test equipment

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