New Digital Version of Elisra's Tactical Video and Data Link (TVDL) to Be Supplied to the US Military

TVDL dramatically improves aircrew situational awareness and tightens the sensor-to-shooter loop

AUVSI, U.S.A. - Elisra today announced that a new, digital version of its highly successful Tactical Video and Data Link - TVDL (AN/ACQ-9) system, designed to specifications characterized together with a US customer, is in advanced development stages. The current-generation analogue TVDL, which is already fielded and operational on dozens of combat helicopters, is known to have dramatically improved the hit rate of aircrews.

By receiving real-time video and telemetry data from UAV payloads and relaying the information to other aircraft and to forces on the ground, the TVDL enables creating a common visual language amongst all players in the battlespace, enhancing their situational awareness and helping them to quickly and effectively close the sensor-to-shooter loop. Gunship pilots can relay visual intelligence to commanders on the ground and receive the "clear to shoot" almost instantly.

Speaking about the new digital version of the TVDL, Avi Peleg, Senior Director Marketing & Sales, at Elisra's Communications & Datalinks division, said that after a relatively short experience of operating the TVDL system in the theater, many branches of the US military have shown interest in the system. Peleg anticipates that new trials and demonstrations with the system will take place in the US in the near future.

The TVDL is an advanced video and data receiver/transmitter system especially designed for installation on combat helicopters. Very compact and low-weight (P-kit weights only 2.8 kilograms), the system easily fits even in the most cramped cockpits and enables real-time, broadcast-quality video imagery and data captured by UAV payloads or ground-based sensors to be displayed directly in front of the aircrew, saving the need for lengthy and cumbersome radio dialogue with a Ground Control Station.

As a true video relay, the system can simultaneously transmit the received video and data, and deliver imagery captured by onboard payloads to tactical forces in the battlespace, for enhanced co-ordination and battle management. Video and data can be relayed to a variety of users, including other helicopters, ground forces, Combat Information Centers, and the like. Operating at L, S or C band, the system is equipped with a variety of antennas for enhanced receive/transmit range coverage and superior intelligibility.

The TVDL augments current systems by giving helicopter pilots video data from off-board sensors that reduce target identification times and improve precision targeting capability. This video link reduces the helicopter's exposure to battlefield threats, and increases standoff distances from those threats as critical airborne attack tactics and engagement scenarios are formulated. The TVDL also supports advance video display of Forward Arming and Refueling Points (FARPs). Thus, the video link improves precision strike and reduces operational risks associated with the attack helicopter mission.

About Elisra

Elisra, a world leader in the field of Information Warfare (EW, Intelligence and C3) for over four decades, has been the source for these systems which have been deployed on a vast variety of platform types, in modern defense forces of more than 40 countries worldwide.

The company develops designs, manufactures, integrates and supports advanced EW, Intelligence (RF and IR based) and Communication solutions for air, sea and land applications.

Elisra, 70% owned by Elbit Systems Ltd. (NASDAQ and TASE: ESLT), and 30% by Elta Systems Ltd. (an IAI subsidiary), comprises Elisra Electronic Systems, Tadiran Electronic Systems and Tadiran Spectralink.

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