New Diaphragm Seals Available in Stainless Steel and Exotic Metals

Press Release Summary:

  • Suitable for protecting gauges from high temperatures, corrosive liquids and fluids with the potential to clog
  • On-line and off-line designs include threaded, flush, flange, saddle, in-line and wedge models
  • Prevents loss of process fluid and effects of pulsation

Original Press Release:

Asheville, NC: Palmer Wahl Instruments, Inc. Announces The Addition of Diaphragm Seals to its Line of Pressure Measurement Instruments.

Diaphragm seals are excellent for protecting gauges from high temperatures, corrosive liquids, and fluids with the potential to clog, as well as preventing loss of process fluid and the effects of pulsation. Interchangeable with most seal brands, choose every aspect of the diaphragm seal appropriate for your process to create a custom design for your application.

Palmer diaphragm seals are available in stainless steel and a variety of exotic metals, in on-line and off-line designs including threaded, flush, flange, saddle, in-line, and wedge models. Specialty models for the pulp & paper and sanitary processing industries, including Tri-Clamp® and Cherry Burrell® “I” Line styles are available. High pressure ratings are available on some models. Assorted flanged models are available in ANSI flange sizes from ½ inch to 4 inch, Class 50 to Class 2500. Other flange standards are available upon request.

A variety of fill fluids for specialty applications including food grade fills for sanitary and food service applications are available. Palmer Wahl President Stephen J. Santangelo said “Our customers have been requesting diaphragm seals to go with our pressure gauges, and we’re pleased to meet their demand as a part of our commitment to go ‘Beyond the Scale’.” Match a Palmer Pressure Gauge with a Palmer Diaphragm seal for a complete sealed system; system NIST Calibration available. Palmer diaphragm seals are Made in the USA. Contact or call 1-800-421-2853 (+828-658-3131 outside the USA), for pricing and additional information.

About Palmer Wahl:

Palmer Wahl Instruments, Inc. is a 183 year old manufacturer of temperature and pressure instruments for industrial applications. “Beyond the Scale” symbolizes our commitment to meet and exceed the requirements of our customers with expert industry application knowledge, innovative engineered designs, and superior temperature and pressure measurement solutions with an eye towards the future. Contact us at (828) 658-3131 or visit us on the web at

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